Title: The Rough Guide to Flamenco: 3rd Edition, Artist:
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Title: Parkett October 1999, Author: Jorge Pardo
Title: Artists on Andy Warhol, Author: Jorge Pardo
Title: Conga Drums in Space and Time: Musical Theory of Time Positions and Polymetry, with Percussion Notation for Hand Drums, Author: AIA Jorge Pardo
Title: El pianista que llegó de Hamburgo, Author: Jorge Eliécer Pardo
Title: Jorge Pardo & Jan Tumlir: Conversations, Author: Jorge Pardo Pre-Order Now
Title: Jorge Pardo: Display for the Musee des Augustins, Author: Jorge Pardo
Title: La direcci?n del trabajo metodol?gico, Author: Elen Dolores Alvarez Pardo
Title: Oil and Gas Exploration in Cuba: Geological-Structural Cartography using Potential Fields and Airborne Gamma Spectrometry, Author: Manuel Enrique Pardo Echarte
Title: As sete mortes de Leopoldo Pardo, Author: Jorge Emilio Bóveda