Title: Conversations with RBG: Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Life, Love, Liberty, and Law, Author: Jeffrey  Rosen
Paperback $15.99 $18.00 Current price is $15.99, Original price is $18.00.
Title: Burke's Law: A Life in Hockey, Author: Brian Burke
Title: The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Live Them and Reach Your Potential, Author: John C. Maxwell
Paperback $14.99 $16.99 Current price is $14.99, Original price is $16.99.
Title: The Code of the Extraordinary Mind: 10 Unconventional Laws to Redefine Your Life and Succeed on Your Own Terms, Author: Vishen Lakhiani
Title: Scalia Speaks: Reflections on Law, Faith, and Life Well Lived, Author: Antonin Scalia
Hardcover $26.99 $30.00 Current price is $26.99, Original price is $30.00.
Title: 365 Ways to Live the Law of Attraction: Harness the power of positive thinking every day of the year, Author: Meera Lester
Title: Genius of Place: The Life of Frederick Law Olmsted, Author: Justin Martin
Title: Jack Canfield's Key to Living the Law of Attraction: A Simple Guide to Creating the Life of Your Dreams, Author: Jack Canfield
Hardcover $14.95 $16.95 Current price is $14.95, Original price is $16.95.
Title: The Law of Attraction Made Easy: More Than 50 Exercises to Manifest the Life You Want, Author: Meera Lester
Title: The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction, Author: Arielle Ford
Title: Scale: The Universal Laws of Life, Growth, and Death in Organisms, Cities, and Companies, Author: Geoffrey West
Title: Mind Right, Life Right: Manifesting Dreams Through the Laws of the Universe, Author: Ash Cash
Title: The Three Laws of Performance: Rewriting the Future of Your Organization and Your Life, Author: Steve Zaffron
Paperback $16.45 $17.95 Current price is $16.45, Original price is $17.95.
Title: Oliver Wendell Holmes: A Life in War, Law, and Ideas, Author: Stephen Budiansky
Title: Stories from Trailblazing Women Lawyers: Lives in the Law, Author: Jill Norgren
Title: Wholly for God: The True Christian Life: A Series of Extracts from the Writings of William Law, Author: William Law
Title: The Laws of the Universe and the Bible: A Practical Guide to Abundant Living, Author: Lori Kostenuk
Title: The Immutable Laws of the Akashic Field: Universal Truths for a Better Life and a Better World, Author: Ervin Laszlo Pre-Order Now
Title: Still Life with Crows (Special Agent Pendergast Series #4), Author: Douglas Preston
Title: Punished: Policing the Lives of Black and Latino Boys, Author: Victor M. Rios
Paperback $25.22 $26.00 Current price is $25.22, Original price is $26.00.

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