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Title: Lord Have Mercy, Author: Lani Lynn Vale
Title: Lord, Have Mercy: The Healing Power of Confession, Author: Scott Hahn
Title: Lord Jesus Christ,Son of God,have mercy on me, a sinner.: The Jesus Prayer, Author: D. S. Gerontakis
Title: Lord Have Mercy, Author: Johnnell Reed
Title: Lord Have Mercy (Possum Creek), Author: Gen Griffin
Title: Lord...Have Mercy on Me, Author: Jesus Humberto Enriquez Rubio
Title: Oh, Lord Have Mercy, Author: John K. Antony
Title: Thank you Lord Jesus! Hallelujah! Lord have mercy on Me!, Author: Sharon Hunt
Title: Lord Have Mercy - Thoughts about Practicing God's Presence and Prayer without Ceasing, Author: Duane H.
Title: Lord Have Mercy: Notebook, Author: Wild Pages Press
Title: FORGIVENESS: Lord Have MERCY: My Lord And My God Do Not Forsake Me, Author: Camilia MacPherson
Title: Lord, Have Mercy: Help and Hope for Moms on Their Last Nerve, Author: Ellen Miller
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Title: Lord Have Mercy, Mercy on Me: Poetry for the Entire Family, Author: Valerie Thomas
Title: Lord Have Mercy..Give Us Grace..&..Grandma's Cornbread: poems & short stories served warm and toasty, Author: Priscilla Y. Hill
Title: St. Matthew Passion: Part II, No. 39,
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Title: The Lord is Gracious, and Full of Compassion; Slow to Anger, and of Great Mercy: Remember, O Lord, Thy Tender Mercies and Thy Lovingkindnesses; For They Have Been Ever of Old., Author: Stanley ole Lotegeluaki