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Title: Metric Pattern Cutting for Women's Wear / Edition 6, Author: Winifred Aldrich
Title: Metric Handbook: Planning and Design Data / Edition 6, Author: Pamela Buxton
Title: Dimensional Analysis for Meds: Refocusing on Essential Metric Calculations / Edition 5, Author: Anna M. Curren
Title: Topics on Analysis in Metric Spaces, Author: Luigi Ambrosio
Title: The Ambient Metric (AM-178), Author: Charles Fefferman
Title: Metric Methods for Analyzing Partially Ranked Data / Edition 1, Author: Douglas E Critchlow
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Title: Metric Methods of Finsler Spaces and in the Foundations of Geometry. (AM-8), Author: Herbert Busemann
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Title: Handbook of Metric Fixed Point Theory / Edition 1, Author: W.A. Kirk
Title: Generalized Metric Spaces and Mappings, Author: Shou Lin
Title: Defect-Oriented Testing for Nano-Metric CMOS VLSI Circuits / Edition 2, Author: Manoj Sachdev
Title: Metric Spaces of Non-Positive Curvature / Edition 1, Author: Martin R. Bridson
Title: Fixed Point Theory in Probabilistic Metric Spaces / Edition 1, Author: O. Hadzic
Title: Metric Constrained Interpolation, Commutant Lifting and Systems, Author: C. Foias
Title: Topics in Metric Fixed Point Theory, Author: Kazimierz Goebel
Title: Everyday Mathematics 4, Grade 3, Standard Metric Masses / Edition 4, Author: Bell et al.
Title: Temporal Metric Planning In Continuous Time, Author: Ji-Ae Shin
Title: Lectures on Analysis on Metric Spaces / Edition 1, Author: Juha Heinonen
Title: TABELLENBUCH zur Umrechnung metrischer Masse in englische Masse/ TABLES for the Conversion metric system of measurement to the British System, Author: De Gruyter
Title: Uncertainty And Feedback, H Loop-shaping And The V-gap Metric, Author: Glenn Vinnicombe
Title: Geometry and Analysis of Metric Spaces via Weighted Partitions, Author: Jun Kigami Pre-Order Now

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