Title: Ask Until It Is Given!: I'll Give You God-Like Power to Have It All!, Author: Matthew David Hurtado
Title: The Monkey Trap: In order to live, all you have to do is give up what you love most, Author: S.Hark Phillips
Title: All I Have To Give, Author: Kaden James
Title: Shut Up, Shut Up Devil: We Have the Authority to Put Satan to Shame by Just One Name-JESUS. God has Given Us through Jesus's Name to Conquer all the Tests., Author: Thandiwe Rachel Mpomela
Title: All Praises are Due to Allah, O Allah as You Have Given Me a Good Physical Form, so also Favour Me with Good Morals, Manners and Intelligence: 30 Days to Save America: Born in the USA Made in America, Author: General Christina MacQuarrie