Title: Trick or Treat?, Author: Bill Martin Jr.
Title: A Celebration Of Jesus Christ, Author: Paul G. Sampson
Title: Paul Carty - the Main Character - in Kevin Sampson's Novel 'Awaydays', Author: Kathrin Ehlen
Title: Gospel Spirituality and Catholic Worship: Integrating Your Personal Prayer Life and Liturgical Experience, Author: Paul L. Cioffi
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Title: Engineering Simulations as Scientific Instruments: A Pattern Language: With Kieran Alden, Paul S. Andrews, James L. Bown, Alastair Droop, Richard B. Greaves, Mark Read, Adam T. Sampson, Jon Timmis, Alan F.T. Winfield, Author: Susan Stepney
Title: Paul Bettany Creative Relief Coloring Book: Powerful Motivation and Success, Calm Mindset and Peace Relaxing Coloring Book for Adults, Author: Caroline Sampson