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Title: Who Were The Three Stooges?, Author: Pam Pollack
Title: American Legends: The Three Stooges, Author: Charles River Editors
Title: Nobody's Stooge: Ted Healy, Author: Bill Cassara
Title: The Stooges - A Journey Through The Michigan Underworld, Author: Brett Callwood
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Title: All Three Stooges, Author: Erica S. Perl
Title: The Three Stooges, Author: St. John Publications
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Title: Adventures of a Trail Stooge, Author: Chris Quinn
Title: The Stooge Gene, Author: Judith Finkel
Title: Disorder in The Court: A Stooges Film Story Book, Author: Greg Lenburg
Title: President Treason of three Stooges: President Clinton, Bush, and Obama for Supporting Terrorist., Author: Lawrence A Lueder
Title: Hello It's Joe: The Last Three Stooges: Filmography, Author: James D. Patalon
Title: Statements From The Stooges: Statements By The Stooges, Author: Richard A Nivens
Title: Hitler: Stalin's Stooge, Author: James Edwards
Title: Only One Stooge: The Shorter Version, Author: James D. Patalon