Title: Housing, Land, and Property Rights in Post-Conflict United Nations and Other Peace Operations: A Comparative Survey and Proposal for Reform, Author: Scott Leckie
Title: A Forum for Peace: Daisaku Ikeda's Proposals to the UN, Author: Olivier Urbain
Title: Inflationary Cosmology Revisited: An Overview Of Contemporary Scientific Cosmology After The Inflationary Proposal, Author: Julio A Gonzalo
Title: Bureau of Indian Education: Challenges, Reform Proposals, Funding and Expenditure Issues, Author: Wilson Fisher
Title: Criminal Law Reform Now: Proposals & Critique, Author: J J Child
Title: Conservative Christianity, Gender Identity, and Religious Liberty: A Primer and a Proposal, Author: Dirk H. de Jong
Title: Non-Proliferation Export Controls: Origins, Challenges, and Proposals for Strengthening, Author: Daniel Joyner
NOOK Book $52.49 $59.95 Current price is $52.49, Original price is $59.95.
Title: Evangelical Theories of Biblical Inspiration: A Review and Proposal, Author: Kern Robert Trembath
NOOK Book $56.99 $69.99 Current price is $56.99, Original price is $69.99.
Title: Definitive Business Pitch: How to Make the Best Pitches, Proposals & Presentations, Author: Angela Hatton
Title: Integrated Engineering/Construction Projects: Proposal to Completion, Author: Edward Dansker
Hardcover $65.65 $72.95 Current price is $65.65, Original price is $72.95.
Title: Beyond Environmental Law: Policy Proposals for a Better Environmental Future, Author: Alyson C. Flournoy
Title: Qualitative Research Proposals and Reports: A Guide: A Guide / Edition 3, Author: Patricia L. Munhall
Paperback $71.05 $78.95 Current price is $71.05, Original price is $78.95.
Title: Creating Fundable Grant Proposals: Profiles of Innovative Partnerships, Author: Bess G. de Farber Pre-Order Now
Title: The Productive Graduate Student Writer: How to Manage Your Time, Process, and Energy to Write Your Research Proposal, Thesis, and Dissertation and Get Published, Author: Jan E. Allen
Title: Restructuring State and Local Services: Ideas, Proposals, and Experiments, Author: Arnold Raphaelson
Title: Proposal Savvy: Creating Successful Proposals for Media Projects / Edition 1, Author: Elise K. Parsigian
Title: Optimizing Corporate Portfolio Management: Aligning Investment Proposals with Organizational Strategy / Edition 1, Author: Anand Sanwal
Hardcover $97.12 $105.00 Current price is $97.12, Original price is $105.00.
Title: Toxic Substances Control ACT: Summary, Challenges, and Reform Proposals, Author: Shannon M. McDonnery
Title: The Future of Asylum in the European Union: Problems, proposals and human rights, Author: Flora A.N.J. Goudappel
Title: Dual Income Tax: A Proposal for Reforming Corporate and Personal Income Tax in Germany, Author: SACHVERSTïNDIGENRAT

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