Title: Excalibur Epic Collection: Girl's School from Heck, Author: Scott Lobdell
Title: Hold Tight, Don't Let Go: A Novel of Haiti, Author: Laura Rose Wagner
Title: The Gay Teen's Guide to Defeating a Siren: Book 1: The Seeker, Author: Cody Wagner
Title: Mage, Volume 3: The Hero Defined, Book One (Part 1), Author: Matt Wagner
Title: Girls: Riding in Cars, Author: Jim Wagner
Title: Army of Sorrow, Author: Gail Wagner
Title: Exiled: Book One of the Never Chronicles, Author: J. R. Wagner
Title: Endangered Species / Edition 1, Author: Viqi Wagner
Title: Intent: Deadly Secrets:A Psychological Thriller (Book#1), Author: Krista Wagner
Title: Tegan's Birthday, Author: Jim Wagner
Title: Mage Vol. 6: The Hero Denied Book Three, Author: Matt Wagner
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Title: Intent: Deadly Secrets:A NPsychological Thriller (Book#1), Author: Krista Wagner
Title: ICE, Volume 1, Author: Doug Wagner
Title: Curses from the Young Witches, Author: Jim Wagner
Title: Chloe's Dilemma, Author: Jim Wagner
Title: Schlag auf Schlag, Author: Christoph Wagner
Title: Teen Terror in the Land of Trump, Author: Jim Wagner
Title: Vengeance is Mine, Author: Bonita Wagner
Title: All Rise: The Criminal Trial of 4 Teens, Author: Paul Wagner
Title: Mädchenhass und Jungenliebe, Author: Benjamin Wagner

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