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Title: Eel-ectrifying Eels, Author: David R Morgan
Title: Discover Moray Eels, Author: Kathryn Beaton
Title: The Last Chapter of the Symphony of Existence: The Scientific Version of
Title: Eel Pie Island Dharma: A Hippie Memoir/Haibun, Author: Chris Faiers
Title: Eels - Curious Kids Press: Kids book about animals and wildlife, Children's books 4-6, Author: Curious Kids Press
Title: Eel Drifters: Building a traditional fishing boat from the Danish island of Fejo, Author: Morten Gothche
Title: Fantastic Facts About Electric Eels: Illustrated Fun Learning For Kids, Author: Miles Merchant
Title: The Adventures Of Murray The Misunderstood Moray Eel: Welcome To My World, Author: Gene Piotrowsky
Title: Eels As Pets: Where to buy, species, aquarium, supplies, diet, care, tank setup, and more! A Complete Guide!, Author: Lolly Brown
Title: Elroy the eel: Little stories, big lessons, Author: Jacqui Shepherd
Title: Wolfie the Wolf Eel: The Adventures of an Undersea Creature, Author: Jacqueline Vickery Stanley
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Title: The Great Trouble: A Mystery of London, the Blue Death, and a Boy Called Eel, Author: Deborah Hopkinson
Title: The Eel Catcher's Travels: Robert Seeley 1602-1667, Author: Carol Seeley Scott
Title: Great Adaptations: Star-Nosed Moles, Electric Eels, and Other Tales of Evolution's Mysteries Solved, Author: Kenneth Catania Pre-Order Now
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Title: Moray Eel: Dangerous Teeth, Author: Meish Goldish
Title: European Inland Fisheries Advisory Commission: International Council For the Exploration of the Sea. Report of the Thirteenth Session of the Joint Eifac/Ices Working Group On Eels. Copenhagen, Denmark, 28-31 August 2001, Author: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Title: Bam!: Thad Eels, Author: Sybil Darlette
Title: Medicine Man: Mysteries of the Eel River Bear Doctors and the Secrets of the Seeahtkeh, Author: George
Title: The Book of Eels: Our Enduring Fascination with the Most Mysterious Creature in the Natural World, Author: Patrik Svensson Pre-Order Now

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