Title: The Ultimate Matrix Collection
Title: Matrix Computations / Edition 4, Author: Gene H. Golub
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Title: Matrix Analysis / Edition 2, Author: Roger A. Horn
Title: Basics of Matrix Algebra for Statistics with R / Edition 1, Author: Nick Fieller
Title: Decoding the Matrix: The Resurrection of Ophiuchus, Author: Ezekiel Brumfield JR
Title: Elliot Wave Techniques Simplified: How to Use the Probability Matrix to Profit on More Trades, Author: Bennett McDowell
Title: Hands-on Matrix Algebra Using R: Active And Motivated Learning With Applications, Author: Hrishikesh D Vinod
Title: Architecture of Human Living Fascia: Cells and Extracellular Matrix - Book + DVD, Author: Jean-Claude Guimberteau
Title: Matrix Algebra From a Statistician's Perspective / Edition 1, Author: David A. Harville
Title: Topics in Matrix Analysis / Edition 2, Author: Roger A. Horn
Title: Applied Linear Algebra and Matrix Analysis / Edition 2, Author: Thomas S. Shores
Title: Parallelism in Matrix Computations, Author: Efstratios Gallopoulos
Title: Mathematics of Big Data: Spreadsheets, Databases, Matrices, and Graphs, Author: Jeremy Kepner
Title: Matrix Algebra: Theory, Computations and Applications in Statistics / Edition 2, Author: James E. Gentle
Title: The Essential Guide to the ACT Matrix: A Step-by-Step Approach to Using the ACT Matrix Model in Clinical Practice, Author: Kevin L. Polk PhD
Title: Direct and Inverse Scattering for the Matrix Schr�dinger Equation, Author: Tuncay Aktosun
Title: The Matrix Trilogy as a Postmodern Myth, Author: Minwen Huang
Title: The Matrix of Derivative Criminal Liability, Author: Gabriel Hallevy
Title: Diagnosing Contemporary Philosophy with the Matrix Movies, Author: O. Bradley Bassler
Title: Measurement of the Top Quark Mass in the Dilepton Final State Using the Matrix Element Method / Edition 1, Author: Alexander Grohsjean

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