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Title: Sweet Temptation, Author: Wendy Higgins
Title: The Temptation (Secret Circle Series #6), Author: L. J. Smith
Title: The Secret Circle: The Complete Collection: The Initiation and The Captive Part I, The Captive Part II and The Power, The Divide, The Hunt, The Temptation, Author: L. J. Smith
Title: Belonging, Author: Karen Ann Hopkins
Title: Forever, Author: Karen Ann Hopkins
Title: The Temptation of Demetrio Vigil, Author: Alisa Valdes
Title: The Temptation: A Kindred Novel, Author: Alisa Valdes
Title: A BIG TEMPTATION and Other Stories, Author: L. T. Meade
Title: Uriel Temptation vol 2 belial lust series, Author: Gina gamez
Title: Fighting My Temptation, Author: GERALD GREEN
Title: A Temptation of Angels, Author: Michelle Zink
Title: Ultimate Temptations, Author: K. Anne
Title: Ultimate Temptations, Author: K.A. Robinson
Title: Catching Temptation, Author: Sarah Erber
Title: The Temptation (Bell Mountain, 11), Author: Lee Duigon
Title: The Temptation of Marielle Clarac, Author: Haruka Momo Pre-Order Now
Title: A Big Temptation, Author: Mrs. L.T. Meade
Title: Temptation: Goodnight Kiss; Goodnight Kiss 2;
Title: Be a Winner in Life: How to Overcome the Trials and Temptations of Life to Find Happiness and Reach Your Potential, Author: Eva Fry
Title: Mr. B: An Evening of Temptation & the Ultimate Sacrifice, Author: Tevin Hansen