100 Marathons: Memories and Lessons from Races Run around the World

100 Marathons: Memories and Lessons from Races Run around the World

by Jeffrey Horowitz

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“I’d always been the kind of person who hated half steps; once I found a passion for something, I wanted to dive into the deep end of it.” Jeffrey has run over 150 marathons in six continents, completing more than 3,930 miles. This book tells the story of the one hundred races in his first eighteen years of marathoning: his training, injuries, triumphs, and failures. He admits that runners are a little bit crazy, submitting themselves to intense physical pain and constant self-doubt, but explains the rewards of satisfaction and joy at the end of a long race that are well worth the process. He also includes running tips on everything from strength training to race recovery for those who want to start or are already running.

This memoir is not just for runners, but for anyone who appreciates any grueling experience that transforms the body and mind. It captures the sheer joy of physical exertion, the ups and downs of training, and the exhilaration of finishing a marathon so well, everyone will be inspired to lace up their running shoes.

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ISBN-13: 9781628734188
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication date: 10/01/2013
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 272
File size: 761 KB

About the Author

Jeffrey Horowitz is a certified running and triathlon coach and a personal trainer who has run more than 150 marathons across six continents. Formerly an attorney, he quit law with the support of his family to pursue his passion for endurance sports. Jeff now works with the Washington, DC, Triathlon; the Nation’s Triathlon; the free triathlon summer camp ACHIEVE Kids Triathlon; and Team Hope, a charity fund-raising training group that benefits the Hope Connections Center, a cancer services organization. He is also the author of Smart Marathon Training: Run Your Best Without Running Yourself Ragged.

Table of Contents

Foreword ix

Out the Door and Around the Block 1

Running Tip #1 Getting Started 14

Why Run the Marathon? First Lap 15

A New Quest 25

Running Tip #2 Ten-Week Speed Program 32

The Magical Year 33

Running Tip #3 Form Drills 42

Pain, Fear, and Faith 43

Running Tip #4 Dealing with Injuries 52

Mountain Madness 54

Running Tip #5 Race Recovery 64

Why Run the Marathon? Second Lap 65

To the End of the Earth 71

Running Tip #6 Preparing for Antarctica 84

Finally: Boston! 85

Running Tip #7 Massage 98

Across the Pond and Around the World 99

Running Tip #8 Avoid Dehydration 108

Island Running 110

Running Tip # 9 Avoid Hyponatremia 116

Running Here, Running There, Running Everywhere! 118

Running Tip #10 Travel Like a Runner 122

Speed Dreams 124

Running Tip #11 Training Food 132

Back to Where It All Began 133

Running Tip #12 Running Etiquette 137

Why Run the Marathon? Third Lap 138

Running and Romance 147

Running Tip #13 Strength Training 152

A Race Like No Other 153

Running Tip #14 The Bathroom Break 171

A Bit of Hardware 173

Running Tip #15 How to Do the Thing You Love with the One You Love 182

Good Things Come in Small Packages 184

Running Tip #16 Mind Games 196

There and Back: Adventures in South Africa 197

Running Tip #17 Trail Running 214

Almost There: Marathon Number 99, Wilmington, Delaware 215

Running Tip #18 Eat to Run, Eat to Live 219

Marathon Number 100! 220

Running Tip #19 The Last Supper 228

Why Run the Marathon? Bell Lap: Running & Remembrance 229

Epilogue: Bumps in the Endless Road 243

By the Numbers 250

Acknowledgments 255

About the Author 257

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