101 Longeing and Long Lining Exercises: English & Western

101 Longeing and Long Lining Exercises: English & Western

by Cherry Hill

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If you are like most people, you know what you want your horse to do and how you want him to behave. You want your training experiences to be safe and enjoyable for both you and your horse. But maybe you aren't sure what to do and when. In 101 Longeing and Long Lining Exercises you'll find complete ground training lesson plans from square 1 to square 101. Cherry Hill starts with basic in-hand and free longeing lessons, then takes you through the addition of a longe line, cavesson, bridle, surcingle, side reins, saddle, and long lines. You'll learn a wide variety of ground training exercises suitable for both English and Western horses. In-hand section:
* Fancy footwork
* Whip works
* Pitching a wave
* Turn on the forehand
* Sidepass
* Longeing section:
* Stop, look, and listen
* Outside turns
* Inside turns
* Whip talk Spirals
* Wagon wheels
* Bending tune-up
* Contact and collection
* Long lining section:
* Long line lingo
* Yin y ang
* Figure-8
* Serpentines
* Backing
* Cavalletti work
* Trail obstacles

Each of the exercises is laid out with a diagram, step-by-step instructions, and an explanation of its benefits. The exercises progress from the basic skills to more advanced ones, such as counter-canter and flying changes of lead. This book and its companion volume, Longeing and Long Lining the English and Western Horse: A Total Program, give you a solid foundation for helping your horse work in productive form.

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Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
Publication date: 04/21/2008
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 240
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About the Author

Cherry Hill has been training young horses for over thirty years. During ten years of instructing university horse training classes, she formulated the ground training program outlined in this book. She is the author of eighteen books on horse training, riding, and care, and in addition is a judge for several breed organizations. She and her husband, Richard Klimesh, live in Colorado with their seven horses, two dogs, and two cats.

Table of Contents


PART ONE: In-Hand Work.

1. Fancy Footwork.

2. Whip Works.

3. Getting a Grip.

4. Slow Wave and Tidal Wave.

5. Becoming Well Adjusted.

6. Head Down.

7. Soft Neck.

8. Whip Sacking.

9. Whoa on a Long Line.

10. Walk-Trot-Whoa.

11. Turn on the Forehand.

12. Turn on the Hindquarters.

13. Sidepass.

14. Back.

PART TWO: Free Longeing.

15. Go.

16. Slow Down.

17. Stop, Look, and Listen.

18. Stand at Ease.

19. Outside Turn.

20. Inside Turn.

21. Trot-Lope.

22. Lope-Trot.

23. Walk-Lope.

24. Lope-Halt.

25. Reverse to the Inside at the Trot.

26. Trot-Circle-Trot.

27. Trot-Reverse-Lope.

28. Lope-Circle-Lope.

PART THREE: Line Longeing.

29. Turn on the Long Line.

30. Changing Position.

31. Concentric Circles.

32. Position Control.

33. What Whip Where?

34. Pushing the Horse Out.

35. Correct and Incorrect Bend.

36. Easy.

37. Trot-Walk.

38. Turn.

39. Trot On.

40. Spiral-In Trot.

41. Spiral-Out Trot.

42. Trot-Lope Concentric.

43. Lope-Trot.

44. Halt-Trot-Halt.

45. Trot-Walk-Lope.

46. Spectacles.

47. Wagon Wheels.

48. Lope-Whoa.

49. Trot Jump.

50. Canter Circle-Jump-Canter Circle.

PART FOUR: Side Rein Longeing.

51. Sacking and Tacking.

52. Introducing the Bridle.

53. Adding Side Reins.

54. Working Contact.

55. Collected Contact.

56. Sliding Side Reins.

57. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

58. Correct Bend.

59. Checking the Inside Bend and Rein.

60. Checking the Outside Rein.

61. Trot-Lengthen-Trot.

62. Canter-Trot-Canter.

63. Spiral In.

64. Spiral Out.

65. Trot-Circle-Trot.

66. Walk-Canter-Circle-Trot.

67. Contact Check.

PART FIVE: Long Lining.

68. Long Line Lingo.

69. Sacking to Ropes.

70. Plow Driving.

71. Yin Yang 1.

72. Halt and Stand.

73. Yin Yang 2.

74. Trot From the Side.

75. Lazy-8.

76. Figure-8.

77. Change of Rein in the Oval.

78. Using a Western Saddle for Ground Driving.

79. Walk-Halt-Back.

80. Canter-Circle-Straight.

81. Half Turn.

82. Half Turn in Reverse.

83. Quasi-Quarter Turn.

84. Spiral.

85. Walk-Around Turn on the Haunches.

86. Rollback.

87. Serpentine.

88. Shallow Serpentine.

89. Deep Serpentine.

90. Circle Variation.

91. Rounded Square.

92. Shoulder-In.

93. Travers.

94. Shoulder-In to Travers.

95. Half Pass to Straight.

96. Zigzag Half Pass.

97. Cavalletti on Circle.

98. Ground Poles.

99. Bridge and Water.

100. Weaving Cones.

101. Back Through.


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