101 Ways to Feel Better

101 Ways to Feel Better

by Natalie Reed


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Sometimes in life, we get knocked down by work, relationships, loss, suffering, depression and many other things. There is no magic cure to remove the pain but there are things you can proactively do to speed up this process. That's what this list is all about-how to feel better.

This list is based on personal experience of workable ways the author has used to get through tough times. Her documentation of 101 Ways to Feel Better will give you a means to pull yourself out from the gloomy depths of the darker side of life and back into the sunshine again in order to be a productive member of society.

If you've just suffered a loss of some sort (breakup, death, loss of job, dignity, etc.) and want to know how to feel better or even just how to feel good, keep this list handy so you can apply these ideas to improve your condition.

You can do it. It does take some willpower but results are achievable. Wouldn't you like to feel better?

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About the Author

Natalie Reed lives in Burbank, CA with her hard-working IT husband. She's not a psychiatrist, a psychologist, hypnotist, self-help "guru" or any other kind of credentialed person claiming to offer help. Natalie is just a regular person who has suffered a lot this lifetime and who has been able to keep going despite it all. She is someone who has taken the time to document her successful actions so that it might help another person in their time of need.

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