147 Snooker Drills and Exercises

147 Snooker Drills and Exercises

by Andrew Highfield, David Horrix


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This book presents a range of practice routines that covers all aspects of a player's game. Some are more advanced than others, allowing the player working on a particular area of their game to pick out the exercises they feel will help them most. The routines become more difficult as the pages go on, so the beginner can work through them and use them to set targets to make their practice competitive. For coaches, the routines will assist in giving variety in lessons and helping to set targets in lessons.

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ISBN-13: 9781785003554
Publisher: Crowood Press, The
Publication date: 06/01/2018
Pages: 160
Sales rank: 834,227
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Andrew Highfield and David Horrix are official WPBSA snooker coaches.

Table of Contents

Introduction 7

K1 Up and Down the Spots 8

K2 Road Block Colour Clearance 9

K3 Up and Down and Cue Between 2 Reds 10

K4 Feather Touch 11

K5 Full Bail Cannon 12

K6 3 Reds for Akani 13

K7 Top Spin Red with Follow Through White 14

K8 Straight Cueing 15

K9 Straight Red Stun Shots 16

K10 Semi-Circle Clearance 17

K11 Screw Shot Training 18

K12 Master Drill 19

K13 Working on Pace 20

K14 18 Ball Clearance 21

K15 Blue Potting Angles 22

K16 Six Reds for Glory 23

K17 Black Potting Angles 24

K18 Reds and Blues 25

K19 Pink Potting Angles 26

K20 Cannon Ball Run 27

K21 Pink Potting Angles to Middle Pocket 28

K22 Reds to Bed 29

K23 19 Pots on Pink 30

K24 Straight Cueing Required 31

K25 Three-Quarter-Ball Blue to Pink 32

K26 Click Clack Click Clack 33

K27 Consecutive Reds 34

K28 Side Splitter 35

K29 Blue Break Circle 36

K30 The Akani Sunny Challenge 37

K31 Consecutive Blacks 38

K32 3 Red Loop 39

K33 Break Build In a Box 40

K34 Safety Behind the Line 41

K35 Black Break-Building Exercise 42

K36 Avoid the Straight Line Pot 43

K37 Black Ball Break-Building Line 44

K38 2 Pot and Stun Shots for Starters 45

K39 6 Reds and Blacks 46

K40 Red/Colour Sequence Clearance 47

K41 Split and Break 48

K42 3 Red Variant 49

K43 Judgement of Pace and Spin to Cannon 50

K44 Tough Clearance 51

K45 Blue and Cannon 52

K46 The Triple Cannon 53

K47 Black and Cannon 54

K48 Safety Behind the Line 55

K49 Break-Building on Blue 56

K50 Colours and Reds 57

K51 Red and Colour Break-Building Exercise 58

K52 Colour Cannon Line 59

K53 Judgement Day 60

K54 Killer Colour Clearance 61

K55 Pot and Stun 62

K56 The Pink Cross 63

K57 Full-Ball Pot on Red 64

K58 Simple Line 65

K59 Half-Ball Red - Fixed White 66

K60 Triangle of Confusion 67

K61 Advanced Long-Potting Angles 68

K62 Easy Clearance to Get the Session Started 69

K63 Red to Black Positional Play 70

K64 Tough Break 71

K65 The Clock Routine 72

K66 Perfect Positional Play 73

K67 Block Break-Building Exercise 74

K68 Star Performer 75

K69 Pink Break-Building Line 76

K70 Split the Circle 77

K71 Half-Ball Colour Cannons 78

K72 Mini Machine-Gun Shot 79

K73 Half-Ball Cannon to Reds 80

K74 Colour Triangle Split and Clear 81

K75 Easy Position Biggest Break Opportunity 82

K76 The Line 83

K77 Using the Rest Effectively 84

K78 Pot and Screw to Line 85

K79 Break-Building 3-Posilion Start 86

K80 Stay Behind the Line 87

K81 Break-Building Exercise 88

K82 Pot and Cannon off Green Spot 89

K83 Three-Quarter-Ball Pot and Return 90

K84 Colour Clearance Avoiding the Obstacles 91

K85 Up and Down the Spots with Marker Balls 92

K86 Pot and Banana Shot to Green Pocket 93

K87 Blue/Red Loop 94

K88 Pot Screw Pot 95

K89 Red to Black When White Is off the Cushion 96

K90 Long Pat and Screw Shot 97

K91 Tight Red to Black 98

K92 A Nightmare of Triangles 99

K93 Three-Quarter-Ball Soft Stun to Pink 100

K94 Deep Screw and Arc Shot 101

K95 Full-Ball Pot and Screw 102

K96 Not So Easy Clearance 103

K97 Three-Quarter-Ball Pot to Middle 104

K98 See-Saw Potting 105

K99 Three-Quarter-Ball Stun Shot off Pink to Black 106

K100 Fun on the Black 107

K101 Quarter-Ball Pink to Black Using Top Spin 108

K102 Top-Spin Curve Shot 109

K103 Three-Quarter-Ball Pink to Black Using Top Spin 110

K104 Colours Into the D 111

K105 Three-Quarter-Ball Pink to Black 112

K106 Colour Clearance Road Block 113

K107 Awkward Cueing Practice 114

K108 Middle Pocket Arc Shot 115

K109 Black Break-Building Exercise 116

K110 Easy Warm-Up Routine 117

K111 Quarter-Ball Safety Shot 118

K112 Right-Hand-Side Breaker 119

K113 Half-Ball Blue to Pink Using Bottom and Left 120

K114 Top-Spin Arc to Middle 121

K115 Half-Ball Safety Shot 122

K116 Green Pocket Arc Shot 123

K117 Half-Ball Blue to Pink 124

K118 Reverse Break 125

K119 Half-Ball Blue to Pink Using Stun 126

K120 Develop Your touch 127

K121 Half-Ball Blue to Pink Using Top Spin 128

K122 Give Me A Break 129

K123 Consecutive Pinks 130

K124 Reds to Middle 131

K125 Three-Quarter-Ball Through The Line 132

K126 Hair-Ball Centre Top 133

K127 Half-Ball Below Centre 45-Degree Bounce 134

K128 Half-Ball Running Side Pot 135

K129 Advanced Long Potting Angles 136

K130 The Great Escape 137

K131 Bottom Cushion Escapes 138

K132 Escape to the Colours 139

K133 The Machine-Gun Shot 140

K134 Trickery with the Black Ball 141

K135 Impossible Black to Middle 142

K136 As Seen on TV 143

K137 Three Reds From one Shot 144

K138 Hard 3s for 10 Minutes 145

K139 15 Red Warm-Up Routine 146

K140 Advanced 3s Colour Clearance 147

K141 Soft Screw-Shot Training 148

K142 Small Line and Colours 149

K143 5 Threes and A Black 150

K144 Advanced Warm-Up 151

K145 Dead Red Back to Baulk White 152

K146 Tight Control Break 153

K147 Realistic Line Break 154

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