150 Survival Secrets: Advice on Survival Kits, Extreme Weather, Rapid Evacuation, Food Storage, Active Shooters, First Aid, and More

150 Survival Secrets: Advice on Survival Kits, Extreme Weather, Rapid Evacuation, Food Storage, Active Shooters, First Aid, and More

by James C. Jones

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As the world gets more dangerous, you have to be prepared for anything, even the worst. In 150 Survival Secrets, seasoned survivalist James C. Jones provides insider tips to help you and your family survive any catastrophe. Divided into practical sections, 150 Survival Secrets answers every question you’ve ever had about disaster preparedness. One section lists the practical details of making it through any kind of emergency situation. Some topics include:
  • How to survive extreme winter conditions
  • How to put together a homemade survival kit in the case of an emergency
  • How to safely evacuate from an urban area during a disaster
  • How much and what type of food to store at home for long-term emergencies
  • How to survive an active shooter situation
  • How to treat common injuries.

Other sections answer everything you’ve ever wondered about disaster prepping, including what being a survivalist entails, how to equip your home for survival situations, what gear is essential for a survivalist to own, what elements are essential in a good emergency plan, what types of disasters you can expect to face in your lifetime, and more. So what are you waiting for? With 150 Survival Secrets, you’ll be prepared for anything and everything.

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ISBN-13: 9781510737792
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication date: 02/19/2019
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 312
Sales rank: 55,406
File size: 24 MB
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About the Author

James C. Jones is the cofounder of Live Free USA, a national survival club and self-reliance organization. He has developed and conducted hundreds of survival training events and seminars over the past forty years and has written hundreds of articles for Live Free's newsletter, American Survivor. He currently writes articles for several national preparedness and survival related publications, while continuing to teach a variety of survival courses and make presentations at major preparedness expositions. His books include Advanced Survival and Total Survival. He lives in the Midwest.
James C. Jones is the co-founder of Live Free USA and has written hundreds of articles for Live Free’s newsletter, American Survivor. He currently writes articles for several national preparedness and survival related publications, while continuing to teach a variety of survival courses and make presentations at major preparedness exposition. His books include Beyond Survival: An Introduction to the Self-Reliance Revolution and The Live Free Book of Total Survival. He lives in the Midwest.

Table of Contents

Introduction xiii

1 What is a survivalist? 1

2 Is survivalism political? 3

3 What is the difference between a survivalist and a prepper? 4

4 What items should a survivalist carry at all times to help survive unexpected emergencies? 5

5 How can a survivalist evaluate his or her level of personal preparedness? 8

6 Is learning to start a fire with flint and steel or a fire-bow a must-have survival skill? 11

7 Where should a survivalist keep survival packs and equipment? 13

8 What is the difference between an evacuation pack, as described by FEMA, and a true survival pack? 14

9 What items should go into a basic evacuation pack? 15

10 What items should go into a full survival pack? 16

11 Is breaking into homes and looting justifiable under survival conditions? 20

12 Should a survivalist keep his or her survival and preparedness interests a secret? 21

13 What are the most probable emergencies that a survivalist may expect to face? 22

14 What are the major catastrophic events and trends that survivalists may face in the coming decades? 24

15 Are major disasters and catastrophic events predictable? 27

16 How likely is it that a survival-level emergency will happen to me or my family? 28

17 What is the domino effect of a disaster? 29

18 How can I survive a home fire that starts while I am asleep in bed? 30

19 How can I survive a home fire that starts while I am awake? 31

20 How do I fight a home fire with a fire extinguisher? 32

21 Is camouflage an important survival skill? 34

22 Should real survivalists retreat from society and take refuge in wilderness retreats and bunkers in anticipation of a doomsday event? 38

23 When is "doomsday"? 39

24 What are the elements of a good emergency plan? 40

25 What items should a survivalist keep in a bedside drawer to survive emergencies that develop while sleeping? 47

26 How can I survive a period of civil disorder? 49

27 What kind of protection should I have to prevent personal contamination from chemical agents, biological agents, and radioactive fallout? 50

28 If I become contaminated by chemical, biological, and radioactive materials, how can I safely decontaminate myself? 52

29 What kinds of weapons should a survivalist have for home defense? 54

30 Should a survivalist practice vegetable gardening? 55

31 What do I need to know to survive a flood? 56

32 What are the two classifications of disasters that a survivalist needs to be ready for? 58

33 Is hoarding justified in anticipation of a disaster? 59

34 What is the most important rule of survival? 60

35 What must a survivalist do to manage any survival challenge? 61

36 Is it important for a survivalist to be capable of administering effective first aid? 62

37 How can I recognize and control severe bleeding? 63

38 After bleeding is under control, what do I need to do about open wounds? 65

39 If I cannot access antibiotics, is there a way to prevent infections and gangrene in deep wounds? 67

40 Is knowing how and when to splint an injured limb an important survival skill? 68

41 How can a survivalist obtain antibiotics for emergency care of wounds and illness? 70

42 What other kinds of injuries might a survivalist encounter during a major disaster? 72

43 What are the eight vital requirement? of survival? 73

44 What is the maximum weight of a survival pack? 75

45 What if I do not have the survival tools and supplies I need in a survival situation? 76

46 How can I stay calm when chaos and danger are all around me? 77

47 In a major disaster, is it best to stay home or to evacuate? 78

48 How can I plan to evacuate from an urban area during a major disaster? 80

49 If GPS is not working, can I use a map and compass to find my way out of danger? 84

50 How do I use a compass? 85

51 How do I orient a map to match my location? 86

52 How do I read a map when GPS is not available? 87

53 How can I find my actual location on a map? 88

54 What are the three kinds of people who will emerge in mass disaster conditions? 89

55 What ate some items that should not be left out of a survival pack? 91

56 What are unsafe mental states that affect how people handle high-stress events? 93

57 How can I survive tornadoes and hurricanes? 94

58 Are survivalists and survival groups part of a militia? 95

59 How can I survive extreme winter conditions at home? 96

60 How can I survive an earthquake? 98

61 How can I survive outdoors in the winter? 99

62 How can I make a survival kit out of common items in an emergency? 103

63 How can a survivalist avoid being overwhelmed by the challenges of a serious emergency or disaster? 107

64 How can a survivalist be better mentally prepared for any kind of emergency or disaster? 108

65 What is the most important daily practice of a survivalist? 109

66 What is the most important factor in surviving a fast-developing survival situation? 110

67 What issue can be the biggest challenge and obstacle to surviving an emergency? 111

68 What are the four levels of mental reaction to threats and dangers? 112

69 Are the rules and paradigms of survival applicable to everyday life? 113

70 What actions should guide the survivalist in managing personal finances? 115

71 What are the most critical first aid skills for surviving serious medical emergencies? 119

72 What kinds of survival and emergency supplies should I keep in my vehicle(s)? 126

73 What are some methods I can use to recognize and avoid accidents, injuries, and personal disasters? 127

74 What are some common items that I can use as improvised survival implements? 130

75 What are the most common outdoor, cold-weather-related emergencies? 131

76 What are the most common outdoor, hot-weather-related emergencies? 133

77 How can I defend my home in a rural area under survival and disaster conditions? 134

78 What kinds of food should a survivalist store at home for long-term emergencies, and how much food should they store? 136

79 What kinds of survival camps would be used by survivalists during evacuations and long-term encampments? 140

80 What are the prospects for survival for the current and next generations? 144

81 How disastrous would a massive electronic pulse (EMP) be, and what can a survivalist do to prepare? 145

82 What items should I carry in an outdoor survival kit? 147

83 How important is it to have survival items immediately at hand when an emergency develops? 149

84 Why is having bleach on band important in survival situations? 150

85 What are some other methods of purifying water? 151

86 How can I determine someone's medical condition without medical instruments? 153

87 Can superglue be used to close wounds? 155

88 What can I do to survive a major epidemic? 156

89 There is so much to prepare for and so many kinds of emergencies; where do I start? 160

90 When can a survivalist use deadly force? 161

91 Should a survivalist be trained in hand-to-hand combat? 163

92 How can I survive emergencies in the outdoors? 165

93 With the availability of modern GPS systems, why does a survivalist need to know map and compass usage? 166

94 How can I determine directions when I do not have GPS or a compass? 168

95 What is a key consideration in survival preparedness and emergency action? 170

96 How can I survive an active-shooter situation? 171

97 What do I need to do to survive a worldwide economic collapse? 174

98 How should a survivalist interact with the police? 176

99 How can a survivalist survive in a gang-dominated neighborhood? 178

100 If I am on a very tight budget, bow can I afford to prepare for survival situations? 181

101 How can I build up a survival library? 183

102 Should trade and barter be part of a survivalists skill set? 184

103 Is basic home safety a necessary part of survival preparedness? 186

104 Is there any way to reduce my stress levels and remain calm during a survival emergency? 188

105 Is being armed necessary for a survivalist? 189

106 If I don't have access to prescription pain relievers, what are my alternatives? 190

107 How can I survive a nuclear event? 191

108 What kind of pack should I use for my evacuation and survival packs? 197

109 What should a survivalist do if lost or stranded in the outdoors? 198

110 How can I signal for help if lost, stranded, or injured in the outdoors? 200

111 What is the single most important survival tool a survivalist can have? 201

112 How can I survive a disaster if I live in an apartment or condominium? 204

113 Is camping an important activity for a survivalist to engage in? 205

114 How can I control my fear in an emergency situation and control my fears of future events? 206

115 What causes most deaths from severe injuries and illnesses? 210

116 If help is not available, what can I do to prevent dehydration in injured or ill victims? 211

117 What kinds of weapons should a survivalist have in a true survival pack? 212

118 How can I assess and determine my highest risk factors? 215

119 How can I survive a wildfire or forest fire? 219

120 Should a survivalist be good at identifying and using edible wild plants? 224

121 Should a survivalist be skilled at knife fighting? 225

122 Should survivalists use and depend on advanced technology? 226

123 Should survivalists organize or join survival groups and prepper clubs, or should they remain isolated? 227

124 What kinds of missions can a survival group have to retain a positive focus? 228

125 What are some dos and don'ts for a new or existing survival organization? 230

126 What kinds of military-style training would be of value in survival situations? 232

127 Should survivalists relocate to rural or wilderness areas? 239

128 How should a survivalist budget and spend for survival gear and supplies? 240

129 Should survivalists use social media and the internet to improve survival capacity and build survival networks? 241

130 How can a survivalist prepare to survive an extended famine? 242

131 What can I do to prevent or survive a carjacking? 244

132 What can a survivalist do to prepare for a utility outage? 246

133 What can a survivalist do to avoid being the victim of street crime? 248

134 What is the foundation of having a strong will to survive? 251

135 How can I make my home more secure? 252

136 How can a survivalist prepare to survive a violent revolution? 254

137 What can a survivalist do to protect children? 255

138 What are the alert levels used by survivalists to classify threat conditions? 264

139 What kind of vehicle is best for a survivalist to have for evacuation from a disaster? 265

140 Should survivalists establish hidden caches of survival supplies? 267

141 How important are health and physical conditioning to being a survivalist? 269

142 When did the survivalist movement begin? 271

143 What is the rule of threes in survival and preparedness? 272

144 What if I make all these efforts to prepare and nothing bad happens? 273

145 What should a survivalist have in a disaster first aid kit? 274

146 What should a survivalist do to survive a home invasion? 276

147 What should I do if the intruder enters while I am asleep? 278

148 Should a survivalist get involved in community safety and emergency preparedness programs? 279

149 What are the moral obligations of a survivalist in helping his or her unprepared neighbors? 280

150 What questions should a survivalist ask him- or herself? 281

We Are Survivalists 282

About the Author 284

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