1954 British Hits Parade

1954 British Hits Parade


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Release Date: 08/23/2005
Label: Acrobat
UPC: 0824046700027
catalogNumber: 7000


Disc 1

  1. Blowing Wild
  2. The Creep
  3. Oh! My Pa-Pa (O Mein Papa)
  4. The Happy Wanderer (Der Froliche Wanderer)
  5. That's Amore
  6. Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
  7. Tennessee Wig Walk
  8. Woman (Uh-Huh)
  9. Man (Uh Huh)
  10. Ebb Tide
  11. Skin Deep
  12. Don't Laugh at Me
  13. Cuff of My Shirt
  14. The Book
  15. I See the Moon
  16. Sippin' Soda
  17. Skin Deep
  18. Moonlight Serenade
  19. Changing Partners
  20. Cogan, Alma
  21. Changing Partners

Disc 2

  1. Secret Love
  2. Garnada
  3. Such a Night
  4. The Happy Wanderer
  5. The Kid's Last Fight
  6. Tenderley
  7. Bimbo
  8. Dime and a Dollar
  9. Friends and Neighbours
  10. Make Love to Me!
  11. Someone Else's Roses
  12. (The Gang That Sang) Heart of My Heart
  13. Oh Baby Mine, I Get So Lonely
  14. Wanted
  15. The Little Shoemaker
  16. Cara Mia
  17. Idle Gossip
  18. Little Things Mean a Lot
  19. Wanted
  20. Young at Heart
  21. Three Coins in the Fountain

Disc 3

  1. The Story of Three Loves
  2. My Friend
  3. Black Hills of Dakota
  4. Little Things Mean a Lot
  5. Hold My Hand
  6. Smile
  7. Three Coins in the Fountain
  8. Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellen Bogen by the Sea
  9. West of Zanzibar
  10. The Story of Tina
  11. Sway
  12. If I Give My Heart to You
  13. Sh-Boom
  14. If I Give My Heart to You
  15. The Story of Tina
  16. Make Her Mine
  17. There Must Be a Reason
  18. This Ole House
  19. My Son My Son
  20. Am I a Toy or a Treasure?
  21. How Do You Speak to an Angel

Disc 4

  1. Rain, Rain, Rain
  2. I Need You Now
  3. This Ole House
  4. Wait for Me Darling
  5. Endless
  6. Santo Natale (Merry Christmas)
  7. No One But You
  8. A Sky Blue Shirt and a Rainbow Tie
  9. Sh-Boom
  10. Let's Have Another Party
  11. I Still Believe
  12. Heartbeat
  13. I Can't Tell a Waltz from a Tango
  14. Let's Get Together No 1
  15. Papa Loves Mambo
  16. Veni Vidi Vici
  17. The Finger of Suspicion Points at You
  18. Shake, Rattle & Roll
  19. Mr. Sandman
  20. Mambo Italiano
  21. Piano Medley No 114
  22. Mr. Sandman

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Louie Bellson   Composer
Lincoln Chase   Composer
Norrie Paramor   Producer
Stuart Hamblen   Composer
Jimmy Kennedy   Composer
Jack Brooks   Composer
Sammy Cahn   Composer
Charlie Chaplin   Composer
Joe Darion   Composer
Ervin Drake   Composer
Terry Farley   Composer
Milt Gabler   Producer
Norman Gimbel   Composer
Bob Hilliard   Composer
Eddy Howard   Composer
Jack Lawrence   Composer
Norman Leyden   Director
Glenn Miller   Composer
Ted Murray   Composer
Mitchell Parish   Composer
Leon Roppolo   Composer
Jimmy Shirl   Composer
Jule Styne   Composer
Harry Warren   Composer
Bob Merrill   Composer
Larry Coleman   Composer
James Edwards   Composer
Bernard Toorish   Composer
John Turner   Composer
Francis Lemarque   Composer
J. Tremayne   Composer
Benny Davis   Composer
Nat Simon   Composer
Abraham Mackintosh   Composer
Nicholas Brodszky   Composer
Paul Burkhard   Composer
Jimmie Crane   Composer
A. McRae   Composer
Bickley S. Reichmer   Composer
Charles E. Calhoun   Composer
Jacobs   Composer
Dick Gleason   Composer
William Norvas   Composer
Geoffrey Parsons   Composer

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