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On Dr. Dre 2001, rap's premier beatmaker, Dr. Dre, is as deeply musical as ever, but surprisingly world-weary and contemplative. After a long layoff from his last full-length, hip-hop's absentee father, returns to confront critics and appeal to the streets. Or as he puts it on "Still Dre:" "They want to know if I still got/ they say rap's changed/ they want to know how I feel about it." Dre hasn't skipped a beat so the introspection proves rhetorical. The new disc accumulates six years worth of grit since 1993's The Chronic, and illustrates the difference between Dre and common producers who assemble short shelf life CDs. Dre can make noggin-bustin' beats and cinematic rap overtures at the drop of a dime, which means this is a man who operates on his own space-time continuum. This outing, Snoop Dogg is back on board and strong as ever but Dre himself is a bigger revelation on the mic, having been influenced by emerging affiliates Eminem and Xzibit. The author's commitment to audio innovation powers Dr. Dre 2001, with guest spots from underrated rappers like Devin the Dude and various members of the Likwit Crew, but expanded to include comedian Eddie Griffin and porn star Jake Steed. The easily offended should beware 'cuz his subject matter is basic "Jerry Springer, Too Hot for TV" (but just right for rap records). Standout material: "F..k You," a funk paean to straight sexin'; "Forgot about Dre," the obligatory southern booty-quake jam with a twist on which Eminem flips double-time lyrics over a ghetto-funk beat; and the full-throttle battle of Dre, Em, and X on "What's the Difference?" The album unfurls a subtle resonance, especially when Dre reveals for future consumption the long dormant legacy of West Coast hip-hop. In the long run, Dr. Dre 2001 wholly smokes. Donnell Alexander

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Release Date: 11/15/2019
Label: Aftermath
UPC: 0602577656897
catalogNumber: 003021701
Rank: 2819


Disc 1

  1. Lolo (Intro)
  2. The Watcher
  3. You
  4. Still D.R.E.
  5. Big Ego's
  6. Xxplosive
  7. What's the Difference
  8. Bar One
  9. Light Speed
  10. Forgot About Dre
  11. The Next Episode

Disc 2

  1. Let's Get High
  2. Bitch Niggaz
  3. The Car Bomb
  4. Murder Ink
  5. Ed-Ucation
  6. Some L.A. Niggaz
  7. Pause 4 Porno
  8. Housewife
  9. Ackrite
  10. Bang Bang
  11. The Message

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