28 Days

28 Days

by Joshua J. Mitchell


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The title 28 Days was made because there are 28 days in Black History Month. Last year when the majority of the book was written, there were actually 29 days due to the leap year. Since it was, I included one extra page with just Haikus.
The topics in the book are inspired by real life experiences and untold truths. This book is not meant to divide, but unite ALL races by giving everyone a better understanding of each others perspectives. This is not solely a BLACK mans book its a HU-mans book told from the lips of a man that wants to change the world.
The purpose of this book of poetry is to reach a newer level of understanding by being able to identify with experiences we talk about every day in our communities. The poems in this book were inspired by real people and therefore some are addressed to certain categories of people. Such as to that black male public school teacher who feels unappreciated, to the black religious leader who is being challenged by the waning faith in the community, to the many black veterans who served paid the ultimate price for patriotism and even to mixed couples who deal with racism from their own races on a daily bases. If I can inspire you by just ONE poem in this book of 28 (with a bonus haiku page) then you have my thanks. Why you ask? Because to me, changing the world comes from just inspiring one person because positive change can spread like wildfire. So thanks in advance my reader for helping me change the world!

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ISBN-13: 9781984531810
Publisher: Xlibris US
Publication date: 07/14/2018
Pages: 78
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