365 Daily Affirmations for Friendship

365 Daily Affirmations for Friendship


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In this one compact volume by a leading friendship expert you will find an interesting overview about friendship that cites key research into its mental and physical benefits as well as the author's "Friendship Oath." You will also discover her original friendship affirmations plus two dozen famous friendship quotes, exercises to improve friendship at work and in your personal life, a bibliography, and resources. About the Author: Jan Yager, Ph.D., a sociologist and a friendship and relationship coach and expert, is author of When Friendship Hurts, published by Simon & Schuster, with translations in 23 languages with 3 more in preparation, and Friendshifts, in 8 foreign editions.
Other titles include 125 Ways to Meet the Love of Your Life and Productive Relationships: 57 Strategies for Building Stronger Business Connections. She's taught at Penn State and the University of Connecticut, and travels extensively,
speaking about friendship and her other areas of expertise. Interviewed on Oprah, Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, CNN, BBC, and Sunrise (Australia), for more information, go to:drjanyager.com or whenfriendshiphurts.com.

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ISBN-13: 9781889262727
Publisher: Hannacroix Creek Books, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/06/2012
Pages: 170
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.36(d)

About the Author

Jan Yager is a sociologist who has been studying friendship since it was the topic of her dissertation in the early 1980s. She is the author of three popular books on friendship as well as a scholarly annotated bibliography. Her classic FRIENDSHIFTS, with 8 translations,landed her on OPRAH, THE VIEW, TODAY SHOW (2 days in a row for interviews with Katie Couric), CBS SUNDAY MORNING, and other shows. Her book WHEN FRIENDSHIP HURTS, which was featured in THE NEW YORK TIMES and she was on GOOD MORNING AMERICA to talk about it, has been translated into 27 languages.

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