40 Odd Years

40 Odd Years

by Loudon Wainwright IIILoudon Wainwright III

CD(Bonus DVD)



40 Odd Years into an exceptionally prolific and storied career, Loudon Wainwright III is being celebrated with an aptly named career-spanning 4- CD/1-DVD box set, including a 40-page book, with an essay by renowned journalist/author David Wild and an introduction by filmmaker and box set coproducer Judd Apatow.

40 Odd Years features songs from throughout Wainwright’s career, including works of brilliance such as “The Man Who Couldn’t Cry,” which Johnny Cash would record with producer Rick Rubin decades later, to “Dead Skunk,” a #16 pop hit, to highlights from his Grammy®-winning album High Wide & Handsome: The Charlie Poole Project. The 3-hour-plus DVD includes an extremely rare documentary, numerous TV appearances (for the BBC, Saturday Night Live, Austin City Limits and others), and previously unreleased concert performances.From the Label

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Release Date: 05/03/2011
Label: Shout Factory
UPC: 0826663121896
catalogNumber: 12189


Disc 1

  1. School Days
  2. I Don't Care
  3. Uptown
  4. Be Careful There's A Baby In The House
  5. Saw Your Name In The Paper
  6. Dead Skunk
  7. New Paint
  8. Drinking Song
  9. The Swimming Song
  10. Dilated To Meet You
  11. Down Drinking At the Bar
  12. The Man Who Couldn't Cry
  13. Whatever Happened To Us?
  14. Crime Of Passion
  15. Kick In The Head
  16. Summer's Almost Over
  17. Just Like President Thieu
  18. Golfin' Blues
  19. The Heckler
  20. Natural Disaster
  21. Red Guitar
  22. Hollywood Hopeful
  24. The Grammy Song

Disc 2

  1. Westchester County
  2. I'm Alright
  3. Screaming Issue
  4. Unhappy Anniversary
  5. Your Mother And I
  6. Synchronicity
  7. Hard Day On The Planet
  8. You Don't Want To Know
  9. Bill Of Goods
  10. Thanksgiving
  11. Your Father's Car
  12. When I'm At Your House
  13. The Picture
  14. Men
  15. So Many Songs
  16. Tip That Waitress
  17. I'd Rather Be Lonely
  18. April Fool's Day Morn
  19. The Acid Song
  20. IWIWAL
  21. A Year
  22. Dreaming

Disc 3

  1. So Damn Happy
  2. Primrose Hill
  3. Bein' A Dad
  4. Four Mirrors
  5. It's Love And I Hate It
  6. Christmas Morning
  7. Pretty Good Day
  8. White Winos
  9. Bed
  10. Surviving Twin
  11. The Shit Song
  12. Between
  13. My Biggest Fan
  14. When You Leave
  15. Make Your Mother Mad
  16. Daughter
  17. Grey In L.A.
  18. Muse Blues
  19. Motel Blues
  20. The Deal
  21. Rowena
  22. High Wide & Handsome

Disc 4

  1. Weave Room Blues
  2. McSorley's
  3. Black Uncle Remus
  4. Funny Having Money
  5. The Hardy Boys At The Y
  6. Laid
  7. Outsidey
  8. That Cat
  9. Surfin' Queen
  10. Newt
  11. 4X10
  12. Somethin' Stupid
  13. The Miles
  14. So Good So Far
  15. Big Fish
  16. No Sure Way
  17. Hey There 2nd Grader
  18. More I Cannot Wish You
  19. Florida (Lucky You)
  20. Hank And Fred
  21. Your Eyes
  22. Dead Man
  23. At The End Of A Long Lonely Day

Disc 5

  1. One Man Guy
  2. Heaven
  3. When You Leave
  4. Half Fist
  5. Reciprocity
  6. Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
  7. Unrequited To The Nth Degree
  8. Dump The Dog And Feed The Garbage
  9. Glad To See You've Got Religion
  10. Motel Blues
  11. Rufus Is A Tit Man
  12. Cardboard Boxes
  13. Thanksgiving
  14. Hitting You
  15. Career Moves
  16. The End Has Begun
  17. My Mother and My Sweetheart [Hide Wide & Handsome: The Charlie Poole Pr
  18. Needless To Say
  19. Lullaby
  20. Living Alone
  21. Homeless
  22. Tonya's Twirls
  23. OGM
  24. Bicentennial
  25. Unrequited To The Nth Degree
  26. New Pain
  27. Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
  28. Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
  29. June Apple
  30. Unhappy Anniversary
  31. Kings And Queens
  32. Grey In L.A.
  33. Daughter
  34. Kick In The Head
  35. Passion Play
  36. Fear With Flying
  37. A Father And A Son
  39. [Bonus Materials]

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Loudon Wainwright   Primary Artist,Acoustic Guitar,Banjo,Percussion,Piano,Ukulele,Vocals,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus,5-string Banjo,Musician
Doug Kershaw   Fiddle
Martin Carthy   Guitar,Mandolin,Vocals
John Kirkpatrick   Accordion,Vocals
Bill Keith   Banjo,Steel Guitar
Geoff Muldaur   Banjo
Paul Brady   Vocals
Van Dyke Parks   Piano,Accordion
Roches   Vocals
Syd Straw   Vocals
Richard Thompson   Acoustic Guitar,Mandolin,Electric Guitar,Vocals
David Amram   French Horn
Michael Davis   Trombone
Richard Davis   Bass
Hank Jones   Keyboards
John Patitucci   Bass
David Sanborn   Saxophone
John Scofield   Electric Guitar
Marvin Stamm   Horn
Tony Coe   Clarinet
Henry Lowther   Cornet
Maria Muldaur   Vocals
Arlen Roth   Guitar
Mac Gayden   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Slide Guitar
Richard Greene   Musician
John Hall   Guitar,Musician
Thomas Jefferson Kaye   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Jimmy Maelen   Conductor
Elliott Randall   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Eric Weissberg   Banjo,Dobro,Guitar
Jim Keltner   Percussion,Drums,Musician
Charlie Brown   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Ron Cornelius   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Steve Addabbo   Choir, Chorus
Arran Ahmun   Percussion,Drums
Jeanie Arnold   Vocals
Errol Crusher Bennett   Percussion
Chris Botti   Trumpet
Martin Brinsford   Percussion
Harvey Brooks   Musician
Beckie Burns   Vocals
Kenny Buttrey   Drums
Robert Carlisle   Trumpet
Myles Chase   Synthesizer,Piano,fender rhodes
Richard Cheetham   Trombone
Johnny Christopher   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Jon Cobert   Vocals
Joe Cocuzzo   Drums
Tommy Cogbill   Bass
Greg Cohen   Bass,Piano
B.J. Cole   Pedal Steel Guitar
Christine Collister   Vocals
Gerry Conway   Drums
Kenny Kosek   Fiddle,Violin
Richard Crooks   Percussion,Drums,Musician
John Crowder   Bass
Richard Dodd   Cello
Alan Dunn   Piano,Accordion
Peter Ecklund   Trumpet,Cornet,Human Whistle
Martin Fierro   Musician
Peter Filleul   Keyboards
Bill Frisell   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Freebo   Musician
Erik Friedlander   Cello
Steve Gaboury   Organ,Accordion
Tony Garnier   Bass
Ron Getman   Steel Guitar
Marty Grebb   Musician
Don Hammond   Recorder
Mark Hardwick   Piano
Chris Karan   Percussion
John Kaye   Percussion
Peter Labarbera   Background Vocals
Randy Landau   Bass
Greg Leisz   Guitar,Mandolin,Pedal Steel Guitar,Electric Guitar,Lap Steel Guitar
Stewart Lerman   Organ,Bass,Guitar,Percussion,Wurlitzer
Jeffrey Lesser   Percussion,Jew's Harp,Vocals
John Leventhal   Bass,Guitar,Harmonica,Mandolin,Percussion,Drums,Harmonium,Keyboards,Choir, Chorus,Lap Steel Guitar
John Lissauer   Clarinet
Bob Loveday   Fiddle
Ian Maidman   Bass
David Mansfield   Dulcimer,Bass,Bouzouki,Dobro,Fiddle,Guitar,Harmonica,Mandolin,Percussion,Pedal Steel Guitar,Violin,Electric Guitar,Viola,Vocals,Background Vocals,Slide Guitar
George Marge   Recorder
Irvin "Marky" Markowitz   Horn
Dave Mattacks   Drums
Hugh McCracken   Guitar
Ruari McFarlane   Bass
Anna McGarrigle   Vocals
Brian McNeill   Fiddle
Sammy Merendino   Percussion,Drums
Charlie Messing   Guitar,Vocals
Gwynne Michaels   Vocals
Glen Mitchell   Keyboards,Vocals
Jenni Muldaur   Vocals
David Nichtern   Acoustic Guitar
Paul Ossola   Acoustic Bass
Larry Packer   Violin
Sandra Park   Violin,Leader
Chris Parker   Percussion,Drums
Don Payne   Electric Bass
Ken Pearson   Organ,Piano
Shawn Pelton   Drums
Ben Perowsky   Drums
Lenny Pickett   Clarinet,Saxophone
David Piltch   Bass,Electric Bass,Acoustic Bass
Greg Prestopino   Vocals
Paul Prestopino   Vocals
Chris Pyne   Trombone
Alan Reid   Synthesizer
Luther Rix   Percussion,Drums
Hargus "Pig" Robbins   Organ,Piano
Suzzy Roche   Vocals,Background Vocals
Marcus Rojas   Tuba
Bob Rose   12-string Guitar
Jim Ryan   Guitar
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Richard Sortomme   Violin
Chaim Tannenbaum   Banjo,Guitar,Harmonica,Mandolin,Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone,Vocals,Background Vocals
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Stephen Tubin   Organ,Accordion,Keyboards
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Rufus Wainwright   Vocals,Background Vocals
Maggie Roche   Vocals,Background Vocals
Chris Thile   Mandolin,Background Vocals
Sloan Wainwright   Background Vocals
RIck DePofi   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Simon Limbrick   Marimbas
Robin Gould   Drums
Ric Sanders   Octave Violin
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Dick Connette   Percussion,Piano,Celeste,Cymbals,Bass Drums,Harmonium,Background Vocals,Spinet
Eric Gorfain   Violin
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Dan "D Unit" Levine   Trombone,Euphonium
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Rob Moose   Acoustic Guitar,Mandolin,Violin,national steel guitar,Guitar (Tenor)
Lauren Chipman   Viola
Mary L. Rowell   Violin,Viola
Wade Schuman   Harmonica
C.J. Camerieri   Trumpet,French Horn
Dana Lyn   Violin
Marshall Coid   Violin
David Taylor   Trombone
Dom Cortese   Accordion
Howard Evans   Trumpet
John Miller   Bass
Lucy Wainwright Roche   Vocals
Mark Johnson   Percussion
Sharon Yamanda   Violin

Technical Credits

Marty Robbins   Composer
Geoff Muldaur   Arranger
Loudon Wainwright   Arranger,Composer,Lyricist,Producer,Liner Notes,Adaptation
Richard Thompson   Producer
Brooks Arthur   Engineer
John Wood   Producer
Joe Henry   Producer
Peter Blegvad   Composer
George Gerdes   Composer
Thomas Jefferson Kaye   Arranger,Producer
Frank Loesser   Composer
Greg Cohen   Producer
J. Fred Coots   Composer
Haven Gillespie   Composer
Christopher Guest   Synthesizer Arrangements
Mark Harmon   Producer
Bob Johnston   Producer
Chris Karan   Executive Producer
Stewart Lerman   Producer
Jeffrey Lesser   Producer
John Leventhal   Producer
John Lissauer   Producer
David Mansfield   String Arrangements
Chaim Tannenbaum   Producer,Executive Producer
Lee Townsend   Producer
David Wild   Liner Notes
Terre Roche   Composer,Vocal Arrangements
Teddy Wainwright   Executive Producer
Michael Wilson   Cover Photo
Guy Juke   Poster Design
Judd Apatow   Liner Notes
Dick Connette   Arranger,Producer,Adaptation
Milt Kramer   Producer
Matt Munisteri   Arranger
C. Carson Parks   Composer
Derek Dressler   Producer
Jeff Palo   Producer
Rob Moose   Arranger
C.J. Camerieri   Brass Arrangment
Karrie Stouffer   Art Direction
Damon Scina   Licensing
Dave McIntosh   Music Business Affairs
Milton Kramer   Producer
Dorsey Dixon   Composer
John Burleigh   Composer
Erica Forster   Licensing
Cathy Balme   Illustrations
Lisa Yadavaia   Producer
John Boyd   Producer
Rick Meyerowitz   Illustrations
Andrew Robinson   Art Direction

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