60-Day Perfect Diet - 1200 Calorie

60-Day Perfect Diet - 1200 Calorie

by Gail Johnson

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2nd Edition - Updated and easier to use!

This eBook features both no-cooking menus and cooking menus. (Of course, the cooking menus come with delicious easy-to-prepare recipes.)

Every day, for 60 days, you decide whether you want to cook or not, and then pick an appropriate 1200 Calorie daily menu. And there's plenty to choose from. All told there are 90 daily menus!

Most women lose 16 to 24 lbs in 60 days. Smaller women, older women and less active women might lose a tad less, and larger women, younger women and more active women often lose much more.

Most men lose 27 to 36 lbs, Smaller men, older men and less active men might lose a bit less,and larger men, younger men and more active men frequently lose a great deal more.

The 60-Day Perfect Diet is another sensible, flexible, easy-to-follow diet from NoPaperPress. And because the 90-Day Smart Diet is not a fad and does not rely on gimmicks it will be as valid 10 or 20 years from now as it is today. In fact the 60-Day Perfect Diet is timeless!


What's in This eBook
Why You Lose Weight
The Best Weight Loss Diets
Why the 60-Day Perfect Diet?
Expected Weight Loss
Perfect Diet Info
Using the Daily Menus
First a Medical Exam
Eat Perfectly
No-Cooking: Big Bowl Salad
Cooking: Tossed Salad
Favorite Salad Dressings
About Bread
Substituting Foods
Perfect Diet Notes
Keeping It Off

No-Cooling Daily Meal Plans
Daily Menus 1 to 10
Daily Menus 11 to 20
Daily Menus 21 to 30
Daily Menus 31 to 40
Daily Menus 41 to 45

Cooking Daily Meal Plans
Daily Menus 1 to 10
Daily Menus 11 to 20
Daily Menus 21 to 30
Daily Menus 31 to 40
Daily Menus 41 to 45

Recipes & Diet Tips
Recipe 1 – Chicken with Peppers & Onions
Recipe 2 – Baked Herb-Crusted Cod
Recipe 3 – French-Toasted English Muffin
Recipe 4 – Low Cal Meat Loaf
Recipe 5 – Veal with Mushrooms
Recipe 6 – Grandma's Pizza
Recipe 7 – Baked Salmon with Salsa
Recipe 8a – The Perfect Egg
Recipe 8b – Veggie Burger
Recipe 9 – Wild Blueberry Pancakes
Recipe 10 – Artichoke-Bean Salad
Recipe 11 – Pasta with Marinara Sauce
Recipe 12 – London Broil
Recipe 13 – Baked Red Snapper
Recipe 14 – Cajun Chicken Salad
Recipe 15 – Grilled Swordfish
Recipe 16 – Quick Pasta Puttanesca
Recipe 17 – Shrimp & Spinach Salad
Recipe 18 – Pan-Broiled Hanger Steak
Recipe 19 – Four Beans Plus Salad
Recipe 20 – Beans & Greens Salad
Recipe 21 – Grilled Scallops & Polenta
Recipe 22 – Fettuccine in Summer Sauce
Recipe 23 – Barbequed Shrimp & Corn
Recipe 24– Cheeseburger Heaven
Recipe 25 – Baked Sea Bass
Recipe 26 – Grilled Turkey Tenders
Recipe 27 – Pasta Rapini
Recipe 28 – Grilled Tilapia
Recipe 29 – Lo-Cal Beef Stew
Recipe 30 – Chicken with Veggies
Recipe 31 – Pasta e Fagioli
Recipe 32 – Beef Kebob
Recipe 33 – Baked Haddock
Recipe 34a – Chicken Cacciatore
Recipe 34b – Muffins
Recipe 35 – Poached Cod
Recipe 36 – Chicken Piccata
Recipe 37 – Beans & Greens Salad
Recipe 38 – Pan-Fried Sole
Recipe 39 – Beef Steak Strips
Recipe 40 – Grilled Scallops & Polenta
Recipe 41 – Grilled Pork Chop with Orange
Recipe 42a – Lo Cal Smoothie
Recipe 42b – Healthy Pasta Salad
Recipe 43 – Beef Burgundy
Recipe 44 – Chicken Cutlet
Recipe 45 – Personal-Size Meat Loaf

Appendix A: Approx Calories in Foods
Appendix B: Soup in Microwave Bowls
Appendix C: Important Frozen Food Info
- Storing Frozen Foods
- Frozen Food Safety
- The Sodium Problem
Appendix D: Calories in Frozen Entrees

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Publisher: NoPaperPress LLC
Publication date: 01/12/2013
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About the Author

Over her long career, Gail Johnson has been a manager of recipe development, a respected chef, a nutrition instructor and a free-lance health writer. She is a long-time health advocate and fitness enthusiast.

Ms. Johnson is now semi-retired and when not writing, she enjoys spending time with, and cooking for her grandchildren, as well as traveling with her husband for several months every year.

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