7 / 11: Finding the Right Path with God

7 / 11: Finding the Right Path with God

by H. Russell Eastman


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After retiring, I had time to reflect on the many incidents that had taken place with no explanations; I began to realize that a greater power had guided me. Almost every day, incidents were taking place where items were exactly in front of me before I started looking for them.

A particular incident happened at a fire department call when I assembled a suction hose unit for pumping out a flooded cellar. A line officer asked how I was able to complete the assembly with the suction pan? Various firemen had struggled in the past for a long time in the past trying to remove the fitting as they had no tools large to separate a 6 inch pipe fitting. I related that I had spun it apart with my bare hands. No one on the fire squad believed that I had done that.

Another incident occurred when I had a dream on July eleventh. I had dropped a handful of notes on the floor. Someone was helping me to pick them up. As I reached for them, my hand went right through the paper notes as I heard a voice said, Russell, we have a lot of work to do.

Many life situations for me have taken place that I am certain were done by Divine guidance. Many things were too numerous to be by chance alone. I had completed building a cherry dresser and entered it at The New York State Fair as a handicapped citizen. Michael Yeoman submitted an article about this, asking me about my woodworking?

I had an unfortunate incident and decided to hang up my tools and write a book. The first book From Good Luck Farm was published in March 2015.

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Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 09/13/2018
Pages: 136
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