800 LB Gorilla

800 LB Gorilla

by Steve Austin


Steve Austin's second over-the-counter release, 800 LB Gorilla is a fairly run-of-the-mill underground Texas rap album. Austin is charismatic enough, particularly notable for his towering height (he stands 6'5"), but his music lacks any distinguishing characteristics to set it apart from the endless stream of underground rap CDs to arise from the South in 2007. Not that the music of 800 LB Gorilla is bad. It's perfectly fine for what it is; however, it likely will be of interest only to those who are passionate about underground Texas rap, since it offers little beyond basic genre tropes such as haters and sex over low-budget beats. Highlights include "Bussa Move" and "P#$$y Iz a Wonderfull Thang," the latter notable for its R&B inclinations. [The CD was also issued in a clean version.]

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Release Date: 04/24/2007
Label: Ymc Records
UPC: 0602517246898
catalogNumber: 000855802

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