A Blessing In Disguise

A Blessing In Disguise

by Nathan Simmons

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A Blessing In Disguise is the story of a man which contain a message. The story is necessary to show how ordinary a man can be from the start of life, how only the here and now is important. Once his ego surface, not only the here and now are important, but the past and the future becomes essential.

The conclusion that ones history is only about four hundred years old leaves him without a foundation, and we only search our past for direction into the future. A four hundred year old past bring the future to an haw. A void appears, the search ends, the ego is deflated, the man is incomplete, an endangered species.

The message I received was short and to the point, “ If you want to know something , read The Bible”. The Word, told a story about the history of mankind from the beginning, I only needed to know which man would represent my history, and the choice of the three was not minds.

The message was truly a blessing, but one not only for me. I was born again, not only had I discovered a past not known to me but I also discovered a future to one day be granted.

To understand who I have become you too must read and study The Word. Until the world acknowledge and accept who I Am, there will be no blessings, no harmony, no peace. We must put a stop to hiding The Word of God before there is nothing left but The Word.

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