A Canary Flies the Canyon: A Novel

A Canary Flies the Canyon: A Novel

by Jo Ann Brown-Scott


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With her third book Jo Ann Brown-Scott offers a fresh and energetic novel about the life-long evolution of a contemporary woman artist. In her characteristically vivid, painterly voice, at times both irreverent and profound, Brown-Scott composes the story of a maverick, free-spirited woman, awarded with creative DNA and privilege at birth yet scarred with a childhood of loss and family dysfunction. Fueled with these ideal circumstances for artistic creative development, the heroine Annie breaks loose to become the Bohemian abstract artist she was born to be.

During her artistic maturation flawed relationships with three prominent men in her life, a salesman, a contrarian and a Swede bring seemingly random disorder and chaos as her art continues to acquire complexity and growth toward success. With complicated challenges Annie gradually becomes faith-based, spiritual and enlightened during her struggles to thrive. She questions randomness; can life's moments of perfect timing be attributed to mere coincidental chance? Do we have any real choices, or is a life already written in the stars as karmic retribution or reward?

In Annie's art, color, pattern and texture are the basis for her abstract mixed media paintings. Art mirrors life; paintings are a life journal. In Annie's mixed media life we discover her soul - her humor, courage, passion and her relentless amazement at life itself partnered with her embrace of all that remains mysterious and unknown. She learns of possible past lives; she questions the complete and utter finality of death. Her life is exhibited publicly in her art, using her unique artistic vocabulary. The abstraction in her art appears unrestrained and uninhibited but is actually not at all random. Her paintings morph into powerful, carefully structured compositions indicative of her intellect, fire and passion. Her messages about life are evident in the spontaneity, exuberant color and pattern of her art.

Only after Annie hits emotional rock-bottom and is brought to her knees with adversity does the universe present her with an option that hints at both restoration and renewal. They say that karma is a bitch, but more often it is just karma. When it does intervene it is nonjudgmental; pure, swift, arriving in the nick of time to level the playing field once again. It comes bearing gifts for a gutsy, risk-taking woman, many times burned; a chance and a choice that just might balance the scales and enable Annie to grasp some reward in the last chapter of her life. If she decides to take one more leap of faith, the results could be astounding. Will she choose wisely? What is her destiny?

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ISBN-13: 9781512384802
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/05/2015
Pages: 518
Product dimensions: 4.90(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Jo Ann Brown-Scott, born in Ohio, is an artist and a writer living in Denver, Colorado. Her degree from the University of Colorado emphasized studio art, art history, literature and psychology. In addition to her art and literary careers she has taught interior design at a community college in Denver and was an instructor of mixed media collage in California. She has held professional gallery director positions and has extensive experience in sales and marketing.

She enjoys travel to favorite places such as Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand and Italy among others, finding that travel feeds and informs her art and writing. She believes that painting and writing have much in common, both requiring that a story be told in a unique voice with a distinctive vocabulary, using color, texture and lively pattern where needed, emphasizing a compelling focal point and other sub-areas of interest, all working together as a cohesive, complimentary whole. Brown-Scott's abstract, mixed media paintings and collages have been exhibited throughout Colorado and California; her work is currently shown by private request.

She has published two previous non-fiction books on the subject of self-realization and creativity, specifically involving true stories of life-changing epiphanies. Her second book, The Creative Epiphany, Gifted Minds, Grand Realizations, won Best Books Award Finalist in the non-fiction narrative category of the National USA Book News awards.

She has two grown children who are both gifted with literary and artistic skills.

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