A Christmas to Remember

A Christmas to Remember

by Amy GrantAmy Grant


Amy Grant's previous two holiday releases (1983's Christmas Album and 1992's Home for Christmas) focused on traditional tunes, so there was little for Grant to do on her third holiday album but branch out. A Christmas to Remember concentrates on contemporary and original songs -- "Christmas Can't Be Very Far Away," "'Til the Season Comes 'Round Again," "Christmas Lullaby (I Will Lead You Home)," "Mister Santa" (a rehash of "Mr. Sandman"), and "Welcome to Our World" -- and flirts with jazz and big-band sounds. The few classics ("Agnus Dei," "Highland Cathedral," "Silent Night") sound a little clumsy when coupled with "Jingle Bell Rock," but Grant's fans will be pleased with her conventional, amiable album. [This is the Myrrh release of the album, which shares the same content as the Interscope version.]

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Release Date: 09/27/2005
Label: Word Entertainment
UPC: 0080688600723
catalogNumber: 886007

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Amy Grant   Primary Artist,Vocals
Jack Jezzro   Bass
Patrick Williams   Conductor
Eric Darken   Percussion
Ronn Huff   Conductor
Walt Harrah   Choir, Chorus
Beverly Darnall   Vocal Harmony
Morgan Ames   Choir, Chorus
Dale Anderson   Percussion
David Angell   Violin
Jeff Bailey   Trumpet
Rick Baptist   Trumpet
Lisa Bevill   Background Vocals
Dick Bolks   Choir, Chorus
William Booth   Trombone
Susan Boyd   Choir, Chorus
Dennis Budimir   Guitar
Amick Byram   Choir, Chorus
Darius Campo   Violin
John Catchings   Celli
Alvin Chea   Choir, Chorus,Group
Ernie Collins   Trombone
Mathew Cooker   Celli
Randy Crenshaw   Choir, Chorus,Group
David Davidson   Violin
Donna Davidson   Choir, Chorus
Jay Dawson   Pipe
Assa Drori   Violin
Connie Ellisor   Violin
Bill Elton   Trombone
Ronald Folsom   Violin
Roger Freeland   Choir, Chorus
Gene Morford   Choir, Chorus
Vince Gill   Vocal Harmony
Jim Gilstrap   Choir, Chorus
John Goux   Guitar
Endre Granat   Violin,Concert Master
Jim Grosjean   Viola
Sandi Hall   Choir, Chorus
John Hammond   Drums
Linda Harmon   Choir, Chorus
Terry Harrington   Choir, Chorus
Scottie Haskell   Choir, Chorus
Clayton Haslop   Violin
Mike Haynes   Trumpet
Gwen Heller   Violin
Tom Hemby   Acoustic Guitar
Dan Higgins   Woodwind
Mary Alice Hoepfinger   Harp
Jim Hughart   Bass,Rhythm Bass
David Huntsinger   Harpsichord
Sheri Izzard   Choir, Chorus
Luana Jackman   Choir, Chorus
Clydene Jackson   Choir, Chorus
Marni Johnson   French Horn
David Joyce   Choir, Chorus
Jon Joyce   Choir, Chorus,Group
Dennis Karmazyn   Celli
Armen Ksadjikian   Celli
Michael Lang   Piano
Lee Larrison   Violin
Warren Luening   Trumpet
Bob Mason   Celli
Chris McDonald   Trombone
Chris McHugh   Drums
Malcolm McNabb   Trumpet
Jerry McPherson   Electric Guitar
Michael Mellett   Background Vocals
Craig Nelson   Bass,Electric Bass
Barbara Northcutt   Woodwind
Michael Omartian   Piano
Simon Oswell   Viola
Kathryn Plummer   Viola
Bob Sanov   Violin
Jim Self   Tuba
David Shostac   Woodwind
Pamela Sixfin   Violin
Tina Soule   Celli
David Stenske   Violin
Sally Stevens   Choir, Chorus
Liz Stewart   Bass
Sheridon Stokes   Woodwind
George Tidwell   Trumpet
Cecilia Tsan   Celli
Carmen Twillie   Choir, Chorus
Alan Umstead   Violin
Catherine Umstead   Violin
Gary VanOsdale   Viola
Mary Kathryn Van Osdale   Violin
Mervyn Warren   Choir, Chorus,Group
Miwako Watanabe   Violin
Biff Watson   Acoustic Guitar
Chauncey Welsch   Trombone
John West   Choir, Chorus
Ann White   Choir, Chorus
Kris Wilkinson   Viola
Joy Worland   French Horn
Gregg Field   Drums
Elin Carlson   Choir, Chorus
Joann Cruthirds   Violin
Carol Davis   Drums
Marcia Dickstein   Harp
Ray Kelly   Celli
Susie Stevens Logan   Choir, Chorus
Paul Tobias   Violin
Cynthia Estill   Bassoon
Gil Long   Tuba
William Frank "Bill" Reichenbach   Trombone
Bob Joyce   Choir, Chorus
J.D. Cunningham   Background Vocals
Wayne Bergeron   Trumpet
Carolyn Osborn   Violin
Tim Divers   Trumpet
Timothy Landauer   Celli
Carole Neuen-Rabinowitz   Celli
Monisa Angell   Viola
Karen Winkelmann   Violin
Julie Tanner   Celli
Kristin Fife   Violin
Lee Levine   Clarinet
Bruce Christensen   Viola
Hershberger   Violin
Paul Klintworth   French Horn
Gerald Greer   Violin
Keith Greene   Viola
Betty Small   Violin
Janet Askey   Violin
Edie Lehmann Boddicker   Choir, Chorus
Eve Butler   Violin
Tim Morrison   Trumpet,Soloist
Jennifer Walton   Violin
Margaret Mason   Celli
Katie Hagen   French Horn
Jennifer Kummer   French Horn
Bradley Mansell   Celli
Glenn Wanner   Bass
Denise Baker   Violin
Lynn Peithman   Celli
Beverly Drukker   Violin
Liane Mautner   Violin
Don Shelton   Choir, Chorus
Prentiss Hobbs   Trombone
John Beeney   Choir, Chorus
Henry Gronnier   Violin
Mark Adams   French Horn
Jimmy Lee Solas   Bass
Grace Stumb   Vocals
Carrie Wann   Violin
Frances Lui   Bass
Rich Logan   Choir, Chorus,Group
Tiffany Yi Hu   Violin
Alex Iles   Trombone
Donald Ferrone   Bass
Kenneth Kugler   Trombone
Victoria Miskolczy   Viola
Karen Jones   Violin
Jon Lewis   Trumpet
Linda Patterson   French Horn
Raymond Tischer   Viola
Bobby Taylor   Oboe

Technical Credits

Amy Grant   Composer,Executive Producer
Michael W. Smith   Composer
Patrick Williams   Arranger,String Arrangements
Roger Cook   Composer
Ronn Huff   Arranger
Beverly Darnall   Composer
Franz Gruber   Composer
Boudleaux Bryant   Composer
Terry Christian   Engineer
Jennifer Cooke   Executive Producer
Randy Goodrum   Composer
John Jarvis   Composer
Ennio Morricone   Composer
Michael Omartian   Arranger,Producer,Audio Production
Gene Puerling   Vocal Arrangements
Schmitt   Engineer
John Barlow Jarvis   Composer
Michael Blanton   Executive Producer
Sandra Johnson   Photographic Reproduction
Beth Lee   Art Direction
Chris Rice   Composer
Joseph Mohr   Composer
Ulli Roever   Composer
Pat Ballard   Composer
Joe Beal   Composer
Jim Boothe   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Joseph Carleton Beal   Composer

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