A Gentleman for Christmas

A Gentleman for Christmas

by Prescott Lane

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"A holiday romance that is perfect for the season." - USA Today

A breakup before Christmas is the worst.  Especially when I was thinking THIS was going to be the year I get a ring.

What's a girl to do?

Get to your best girlfriend, drink wine, eat ice cream, and do some good old-fashioned man bashing for starters.

But my plans go up in smoke when it's not my best girlfriend who comes to pick me up from the airport, but instead my childhood best friend.

Jax was my other half.  The only other man I've loved. The one I could have a whole conversation with just one glance.  Probably still could, if I could stand to look into his killer blue eyes long enough.

He's the last person I want to share my heartbreak with.  He broke my heart a long time ago. 

I've always been on Santa's nice list.  That's who I am.  So I'll smile, drink, be merry, and try to ignore Jax looking at me like I'm his Christmas gift.

A man is not on my Christmas list — gentleman or not.

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Publisher: Prescott Lane
Publication date: 11/26/2018
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A Gentleman for Christmas 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
DavaDora More than 1 year ago
Just in time to get us into the Holiday spirit comes A Gentleman for Christmas, a delightful and sigh worthy second-chance-at-love romance. I stayed glued to my seat until the very happy end that included an amazing epilogue, and it put a huge smile on my face. “It’s funny how sometimes nothing means everything.” Ten years ago Jax let the only girl he ever loved, his best friend Skylar, slip through his fingers; all because of The Bro Code he and his friends, Luke and Malcom, lived by. Skylar and Luke became a couple, as did his other friends, Maci and Malcom, while he remained single. After finding out Skylar and Luke broke up on her birthday, and she’s coming home to Florida, he decides he’s not letting her go, rules be damned! “The man who writes about rules doesn’t like to follow them.” Jax should know better, he has two books on the NYT Best Sellers List and his seminars sell out; women flock to them to hear him talk about the rules from his Gentleman’s Handbook. They’ve made him a wealthy man, but he’s missing the most important thing in his life, Skylar. He has his work cut out for him, if he wants to convince Skylar to give him a chance. “He was my best friend. He probably knows me better than Luke. In fact, I’m sure he does, but Jax broke my heart long before lude did.” Skylar had a crush on her best friend Ryan for years. When he turned down her invitation to go to prom with her, she accepted Luke’s and they became a couple. It helped that Ryan showed up at the prom with someone else and that kinda killed her feelings for him, the proverbial nail on the coffin. After ten years together, and moving to Chicago to be with him, Skylar breaks up with Luke and decides to go home, for Christmas, earlier than planned. The last thing she expected was Ryan waiting for her at the airport. “One hurt wiped out years of love. How much love will it take to wipe out the hurt?” I loved this story! I happy to admit that second chance romance is my weakness, there’s something about having another opportunity to rewrite history and heal old hurts. This story does not disappoint, you’re going to love it!
JennC2630 More than 1 year ago
I completely loved this read! I wasn't sure if the whole "best friend's girl" trope was right for me. Since that's a big no-no in real life, I didn't know how that would translate to my reading. I need not have worried. Lane wrote such a cute, sweet (and yes, hot) read that I immediately became invested in all of the characters. I found myself getting choked up for Skylar as we found out what really happened between her and Luke and I empathized with Jax who really is her soulmate. I don't know how Prescott Lane wrote such a great story in so few pages, but however she did it really worked. At no point did I feel like I didn't have enough information and I knew enough about all of the characters to really care about what happened to them. And it had just enough Christmas to get me in the holiday spirit. Kudos to Lane!
Joyffree More than 1 year ago
Gentleman's Rule - If you don't love her, someone else will. "It's the worst feeling in the world to watch someone you love with someone else, knowing no one could love her better than you." - Jax The bro code - Jax has lived by it since, well forever - He has made his fortune preaching those beliefs to others but Jax is a bit of a "do as I say and not as I do" kind of guy - never has been one for rules. Especially when the rules may get in the way of the one thing his heart truly wants. Skylar chose safe for her future. Her heart once loved another only to find the love unrequited - her heart shattered - she swore never again. Safe was good - until it wasn't enough. A Gentleman for Christmas delivers on all the warm holiday feels A heartwarming story of friendship, second chances and the sacrifices we make in the name of "doing the right thing". The characters were delightful and the story line flowed seamlessly, coaxing me into the pages and immersing me within the story. I laughed so hard at Jax's antics - cried with Skylar as her heart broke - Smiled with the gang when things actually went right. A must add to your holiday collection.
JerseyGirlBookReviews More than 1 year ago
A Gentleman For Christmas is a wonderful holiday romance story about two childhood best friends who are unexpectedly reunited in their hometown during the Christmas holiday after being apart for ten years, and their discovery of the holiday season's magical gift of receiving a second chance at love. Author Prescott Lane weaves a beautiful romantic tale that takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster ride as they follow Jax and Skylar's story. Their story is set in the small southern beach town of Waterscape, Florida. Jax and Skylar are part of a tight-knit group of childhood friends that include Maci, Malcolm, and Luke. But Jax and Skylar were longtime childhood best friends until he messed things up ... Jax let Skylar get away when Luke expressed an interest in dating Skylar. The guys have a "bro code" where they vowed to never let a girl come between them, and if one of them likes/dates a girl, then she is forever off limits. Ten years later, Jax is a successful author / motivational speaker who wrote The Gentleman's Handbook, a series of relationship and lifestyle books. But there is one little problem ... Jax doesn't follow his own rules ... especially when Skylar comes home heartbroken after breaking up with Luke ... because this time Jax isn't letting Skylar get away! Told in alternating first person narratives by Jax and Skylar, these two childhood best friends reunite unexpectedly when Skylar comes home after breaking up with Luke, her boyfriend of ten years. Jax has always loved Skylar, but he let her get away and tried to honor the "bro code", but Skylar is the forbidden fruit that he wants so badly. Their story is filled with friendship, laughter, angst, family and relationship dramas, friendship conflicts, and the amazing chance of having an unrequited love finally become fulfilled. A Gentleman For Christmas is a sweet and sexy friends to lovers second chance love story that is very swoon worthy. I loved how the author draws the reader into Jax and Skylar's story with flashbacks to their childhood past intertwined with the present. It is filled with emotional angst and drama, and a slow smoldering craving and build up of sexual tension that leads up to a passionate romance that will send tingles down your spine. I was Team Jax from the start, he is the kind of Gentleman that any girl could easily fall in love with. I loved getting to know the group of friends, especially childhood sweethearts/married couple Maci and Malcolm, because they are the glue that kept the love triangle of Jax, Skylar, and Luke from tearing their longtime friendship apart. Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't mention how much I really enjoyed Jax's various "Gentleman's Rules" that were included throughout the book, especially my favorite rule: "when you find the right woman, never let her go." A Gentleman For Christmas is a beautiful holiday romance story of best friends getting a second chance at true love and moving forward in life that will resonate with you for a very long time.
Ejaygirl More than 1 year ago
Jax is part of a group of friends that have been together since childhood. For as long as he can remember, it’s been Maci & Malcolm and Luke & Skylar and him. But before there was Luke & Skylar, it was Jax & Skylar as best friends. Now she’s back home in Florida for Christmas, having severed her 10-year relationship with Luke. Circumstances also worked out that she now has to stay with Jax instead of Maci & Malcolm and she’s clearly shattered and done with Luke. I was unprepared for how “big” this story turned out to be in terms of overall character development, plot and complexity. I still can’t believe this is a novella as it is so complete in every aspect that short stories rarely pull off. Jax has always loved Skylar and she had a crush on him as a pre-teen through high school. She ended up with Luke (you’ll have to read it to find out why) and they’ve been together since, living in Chicago. What further complicates the situation is Jax is a relationship consultant, leading seminars that guide women—and men—on how they should be cared for and nurtured by men. He’s breaking a serious friend code by even thinking of finally pursuing a relationship with Skylar. This was a nicely layered story of three people in a complicated situation that will potentially have devastating impacts on all five friends and each other. I felt like I knew each of these people intimately and it was often difficult to choose sides with ease. I normally loathe love triangles but this story isn’t that. The group dynamics, individual behaviors and relationships are all examined and shifted. The drama is realistic and the emotional pain was palpable at times, though there were so many situations providing comic relief. There aren’t any villains, just five people who loved each other and now must adjust to a different relationship. It’s just an outstanding story. (I received an advance copy from the author in exchange for an unbiased review)
AmyNMusselman More than 1 year ago
More than 5 stars!! ⭐️ Every time I read a book from Prescott I feel like I’m watching a movie, inside my head of course. Her books she writes are always epically written to draw you into her world. Whether it’s drama, sexual, angst, sad or even overly happy I feel it all and I can have this very vivid pictures in my head of what each scene will look like. Jax swept me off my feet from the beginning. I know there were parts where he wasn’t the all consuming one woman man but I held me just by being a friend. I applaud Prescott for writing such a male lead because he made me swoon and fall in love faster than I think I have ever with a character. Skylar isn’t what I pictured her to be and if I’m honest I didn’t focus a lot of my attention on her. But I felt her pain and struggle but even when I thought I knew what would happen Prescott surprised me and just went for it. She didn’t do the typically of what I expected and now I maybe different than some women but I didn’t see that happening. You can feel Prescott’s passion in each and every book she gives us and this is no different. I felt the passion from the beginning to the end and I just wanted to cry from being overly emotional. I love that you put out a Christmas book and that it was something so happily ever after! Congrats on this release coming and I can’t wait to meet you!
CeeCeeHouston More than 1 year ago
I loved this story. A Gentleman for Christmas by Prescott Lane was a quick, fast paced dip into the rulebook of genteman. Said gentleman being Jax, the male lead here. He took the rules he and his best friends had growing up and made a successful business out if them. He’s rich and in demand, but he’s lonely. He lost Skylar, the only girl he ever loved ten years ago to his best friend, Luke. They have been together ever since. Now, Skylar has come back home for Christmas and she has an unexpected gift for Jax. She and Luke have broken up. And thanks to Skyar’s own best friend, they now have to spend the holidays together in Jax’s house. But, those rules, man. They can’t be broken. Can they? Jax knows he’s only got one chance to change the mistakes he made in the past, and letting Skylar go isn’t one of them. But will she feel the same way? Skylar just wanted to come home and wallow in misery with her best friend, but with Maci sick, she can’t stay with her as she planned. But staying with Jax? After how their friendship crashed and burned their senior year of high school. That’s not something she was expecting to do. But, Jax has grown up, he’s still the same guy, but hotter and sexier and it’s not long before she’s feeling the effects of being in such close proximity to him, and when he tells her the truth from all those years ago, she has no way to fight her emotions. Will this just be a rebound kind of fling, or is it the real deal? I loved this book. The characters were fantastic, their chemistry spot on and Jax made the perfect gentleman caveman. Lol. Super hot and super sweet at the same time. I highly recommend this for some light, early Christmas reading by a toasty fire.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
The world believes he has has it all together. Little do they know he's still a work in progress. Sometimes it takes a missed opportunity to remind us what we're missing. A Gentleman for Christmas is a captivating look at love, friendship and second chances. Jax is the man with all the answers. Skylar is the girl that got away. Can the man with a plan, convince the girl of his dreams to risk her heart on him? Prescott Lane brings a fascinating twist to self help with an adorably tempting romantic comedy. Sentiment and humor come together to make a mesmerizing read.