A Message to Black America: Motivating Young, Inner-City Black Men to Excellence

A Message to Black America: Motivating Young, Inner-City Black Men to Excellence

by James A Hudson


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Black America is divided into three categories. The first category consists of wealthy and famous blacks. The second category consist of the middle-class and some famous blacks as well. Then comes the third category the overwhelming number of which are inner city blacks many of whom are in poverty.

Those who found themselves in the latter category are the ones mentoring are intended for in this book! I firmly believed that wealthy and middle-class blacks have a duty and responsibility to come to the assistance of their fellow inner city blacks who are at a disadvantage.

Many inner city black men are in needs of positive mentoring. These are the ones who are at a disadvantage that we addressed in the book. These are the people who are to be elevated. To be educated, given marketable skills to provide for themselves and their connections. The time has arrived for action, for steps to be implemented in order so that they may be lifted out of poverty and disrepair.

If the Black American society should come of age, economically, socially, and politically, then, the overwhelming number of blacks at the poverty line must be brought up to par with their European Americans counterparts.

Black America is losing too many young inner city black men for all sort of reasons. This cannot be allowed to continue. Therefore, we have laid out in this book of relevant information for those who desire to lift themselves up out of poverty, crime and violence, and become productive citizens!

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ISBN-13: 9781946775481
Publisher: James Hudson
Publication date: 03/21/2017
Pages: 132
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About the Author

James A. Hudson originated from Kingston, Jamaica. He then became a naturalized American citizen. James Hudson's early childhood education was in Jamaica: from preschool, primary school, high school, and at the King's Technical College. He was also educated at Roxbury College, Massachusetts and at Cal State Fullerton, California. James is an electronics technician by profession.
James Hudson's work in history goes back to the 1970s when he was an employee of the local government of the city of Kingston, Kingston and Saint Andrews Corporation. Here in the United States, James worked with the Motorola Communicants Corporation before accepting a position with the General Service Agency, GSA, as a Communication specialist in Orange County California. The General Service Agency was later dissolved, and maintenance of the Orange County Communications system was turned over to the Orange County Sheriff's Department. As a result, James was assigned to the Orange County Sheriff's Department, Sothern California as a communications specialist.
James is also an Author! He is the published author of three books, How to Have a Better Relationship with Your Mate/Spouse, Thou Shall Not Kill What Providence Has in Store for Those Who Do, and The Rising of Black America with the Assistance of White America.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

A Message to Black America III

Introduction VI

Acknowledgment XI

Chapter One The Plight of Young, Black American Men 1

Chapter Two Good Success Begins with an Education 10

Chapter Three A Message to Black America 23

Chapter Four Many Young Black Men Receive No Support 43

Chapter Five Black People in the Caribbean and Latin America 56

Chapter Six The Need for Positive Mentors 70

Chapter Seven Let’s Lift Ourselves up by the Bootstraps 80

Chapter Eight European and Mexican Negroes’ Connection 90

Chapter Nine You Should Stay Away from Bad Influence 100

Conclusion 112

Appendix 114

About the Author 117

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