A Native American Theology

A Native American Theology


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This collaborative work represents a pathbreaking exercise in Native American theology. While observing traditional categories of Christian systematic theology (Creation, Deity, Christology, etc.), each of these is reimagined consistent with Native experience, values, and worldview. At the same time the authors introduce new categories from Native thought-worlds, such as the Trickster (eraser of boundaries, symbol of ambiguity), and Land. Finally, the authors address issues facing Native Americans today, including racism, poverty, stereotyping, cultural appropriation, and religious freedom.

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ISBN-13: 9781570753619
Publisher: Orbis Books
Publication date: 05/23/2001
Pages: 204
Sales rank: 388,509
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Our Purpose1
Indian Theology and the Dream of Freedom4
Knowing Our History5
Indians and Christians8
The Question of Conversion10
Religion and Culture11
Space, Time, and Place13
The Value of Community15
Ethical Values and the Concept of Sin18
1.Hermeneutics: Origin of Belief21
Differing Bases for Interpretation of the Bible22
Native Hermeneutics28
Seeking a Biblical Base for Interpretation29
2.Creation: Balancing the World for Seven Generations32
Human Beginnings37
Human Privilege and Communities of Respect38
Balancing the World for Life40
Reciprocity: A Foundation for Balance41
Spatiality: Place and Time44
The Circle and Mitakuye Oyasin48
3.Deity: The Creative Power in the World52
Diverse Cultural Views of God and Gods53
Wakonda: An Indian Deity56
4.Christology: Who Do You Say That I Am?62
The Gift of Vicarious Suffering63
American Indians and Jesus65
Language and Lordship: Jesus as Conqueror67
Lordship and the Shaping of the Amer-European Experience68
No Other Name: Colonizer's Claim to Universal Truth70
Christ, Logos, Pre-existence and Corn Mother76
Corn Mother as Christ79
5.Theological Anthropology: Is the Windingo Real?85
A Brief History of Anthropology86
The Concept of Personhood88
The Nature of Power89
Sacred Clowns91
Myth and Sacred Text92
Sacred Time and Sacred Space94
Models of Cultural Change95
Indian Anthropologists98
6.Sin and Ethics: The Notion of Sin100
Will and Power101
Sin and Sexuality103
Death and Afterlife105
Sin and Law106
Sin and Sickness107
Ethical Values and the Concept of Sin108
The Sin of Pride111
7.Trickster: The Sacred Fool113
The Reversal of the Ordinary114
Jesus as Trickster121
8.Land: We Sing the Land into Existence126
The Howling Wilderness130
A Problematic Historical Context131
Culture and Conversion133
Legal Constructs of Indian Land134
"Let Him Begin without Lands"136
Contemporary Issues with Regard to Land140
Redefining Land141
Christian Attitudes Toward Native Spirituality146
Native Americans and Environmental Concerns146
9.Eschatology: End, Salvation, Rebirth149
The World Wears Out151
Pre- and Post-Contact Eschatological Traditions152
Messianic Traditions155
Who Do You Say That I Am?161
Land Claims169
Mascots, Brand Names, and Cultural Appropriation173
Freedom of Religion and Its Violation175
Native Americans and the Church176
Poverty and Other Issues178

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