A New Order Of The Ages

A New Order Of The Ages

by Collin Robert Bowling


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Evil has been discharged hither and thither, and as a result a war is being waged between the Light and the Dark. Powerful occult reptilian bloodlines have commandeered the corporate-mass-media and the military-industrial complex, the everyman no longer a free entity. Why these torturing gifts, and wherefore lent to the people? No reason except for the desire to dominate and suppress. It is an inkling the beasts of prey within man and reptile cannot control. Secret societies are the gatekeepers to a much greater secret that encompasses extraterrestrials and cultures spanning across dimensions. The labyrinth has already been entered - next stop, a closer inspection at money and the big business of Big Brother. Are there more cards up the magician's sleeve? Only one, and that is the possibility for enlightenment.

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ISBN-13: 9781462038626
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 07/28/2011
Pages: 476
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.19(d)

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A Metaphysical Blueprint of Reality and an Exposé on Powerful Reptilian/Aryan Bloodlines VOLUME 1
By Collin Robert Bowling

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2011 Collin Robert Bowling
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4620-3715-5

Chapter One

Structure of Reality

If you have ever read Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson you might refer to that work on numerous occasions throughout the reading of this book as you sift through the layers of reality I present to you. In chapter one of that great work, which is entitled "The Thinker & The Prover," Wilson suggests from his own theoretical influences that both the 'thinker' and the 'prover' can have it their way, the only difference between the two being that the prover has to work harder in order to satisfy the dilemma of proving something, even if it is based on fallacious thinking. The thinker has the freedom to wander wherever he or she wants in the mind, the mechanism for spirit to experience a physical body. In this book, however, I make it simpler. There are two aspects of yourself: the 'thinker' and the 'knower.' In this case, the thinker uses the brain to analyze a present situation and the knower feels what the right response would be based on a sensation in consciousness. Both work, but the knower has a direct advantage over the thinker—the knower doesn't have to think. Can this really be? Does ultimate objective reality transcend thought? It all comes down to knowing what "reality" is.

What do I mean by 'reality?' Based on the writing preceding this section I suggest that reality is a panorama of infinite possibilities projecting out from a center of pure consciousness and love. Consciousness and love create realities, and they do it on different vibrational frequencies in many dimensions. If I were to ask you to imagine a beautiful red rose you could do it, but where would that rose be? You are the wizard who conjures up the rose, but if I opened up your brain all I would see is a network of tiny neurons carrying electromagnetic currents. These currents merge at nexus points, which are really gaps between neurons called synapses. In the synapse, a release of chemicals takes place. We can see a variety of chemicals, but there are two predominate ones: gamma amino butyric acid and glutamate (the former depresses and the latter stimulates). The electrical activity is due to an electrical action potential, which is basically the exchange of ions across cell membranes. In your brain, however, there is no rose. Your brain was merely a mechanism for creating the reality of the rose, which actually existed in your consciousness (soul/sprit).

The same applies for the outside world. When you look at an orange flower, an invisible electromagnetic beam (photons) hits your eyes causing your retinas to produce chemical reactions which in turn send electrical currents to your brain. Your brain interprets those signals as a picture of an orange flower, but those signals are not orange in color and they do not represent a flower. The experience of the flower as a whole occurs in your consciousness. When you hear a sound, your eardrums vibrate and this causes the cilia in your ear canal to send electrical impulses to your brain. Your brain interprets those signals as sound, but those signals do not make a sound. The experience of sound occurs in your consciousness. In the outside world, the only reality is energy vibrating at different frequencies and changing form. The experience of a three-dimensional holographic reality complete with sounds, colors, pictures, smells, and textures takes place in only one place, and that is your spirit, that which I refer to as consciousness. Although you experience a continuous stream of information, reality is actually flickering on and off. This is happening at such a tremendous rate, however, that you cannot experience that resonance. You don't experience the world as vibrations, you experience it as a solid, physical reality.

Let me explain further by calling to attention an experiment done in the early part of the 20th century where scientists shot beams of particles through slits in a metal frame. They wanted to understand the nature of matter and so the particles (electrons) in this experiment represented microscopic bundles of "matter." When the scientists projected beams of electrons through two upright slits in the metal frame the waves interfered with each other after passing through the slits, creating columns of imprints on a fluorescent screen. The spots on the screen where the waves from the two slits arrived in phase showed up bright and the spots where the waves arrived out of phase and canceled each other out showed up dark. Hence, there was a pattern of alternating light and dark spots revealing a wave interference pattern. The scientists then decided to make the beam very weak and only shoot one electron at a time. What happened was unexpected as the single electron passed through both slits at the same time as a wave function and interfered with itself when re-emerging, causing the same interference pattern on the fluorescent screen. The scientists were baffled so they placed a measuring device by the slits to see how the single electron could possible go through both slits at the same time. When they observed this the electron behaved like a particle, going through only one slit and not causing an interference pattern on the screen.

The conclusion was made. The very act of perceiving the electron turned it from a field of possibilities (a wave) into a singularity (a particle). Consciousness (the measuring device) created the reality. Similarly, when physicists studied the atom they found a nucleus orbited by a field of electrons. When they tried to pinpoint individual electrons the task became impossible because the electrons only existed as a field of wave functions. Both the momentum and position of a single electron could not be calculated at the same time; the areas hypothesized to reveal the electron only existed as a probability field. It was like the electrons existed in this dimension but also other dimensions as well because they would pop in and out of the electromagnetic field. When the scientists tuned their microscopes deeper into the field of electrons they found nothing. Nothing? No, they did not find nothing. They found a field of infinite possibilities that looked like nothing because it was really everything. So what is matter? Matter is an infinite field of consciousness condensed down into a singularity. When this field is open matter acts like a wave, but when it is condensed down into a singularity it is a particle. Matter is a particle and a wave simultaneously. When you are viewing it matter appears as a particle but when you aren't it appears as a wave function, hence the paradox of quantum mechanics.

So you see, you really are a god. Your consciousness is your divine power. Everything you give consciousness to becomes a reality. To view this topic from a higher perspective you must think of everything in terms of energy. Everything is energy. The cause of everything is energy. Everything that you see around you is a condensed vibration of energy. God is not a person, it is an infinite field of spiritual energy. Everything vibrates, so the lower the frequency of vibration the more it appears as a solid. When something vibrates at higher and higher frequencies it appears as light or it is invisible to you. The physical manifest world that you see with your eyes is actually only a fraction of what really exists because you cannot see vibrational frequencies existing above and below the spectrum of the rainbow. Your eyes cannot pick up infrared or ultraviolet color frequencies, although these emanations are evident to many animals and insects.

In pure consciousness (objective reality), only love and light can subsist. If light is what you see, then love is what you feel. Love is the force which sustains all of life. Everything was created using love. It is the most powerful force there is. It is through the infinite matrix of love that information is brought out through light in tiny light-encoded filaments. When our brains receive information it is through light, and the encoded Filaments are sent through a decoding process performed by neurons, our brain cells that process and transmit electrical and chemical signaling. Together they form a network which structures our entire reality based on how we decode the light that enters our eyes. The reality that most people perceive is a highly condensed version of the ultimate reality that exists around them all the time. Through belief systems, people create for themselves a critical factoring unit that acts as a filtration device for what they perceive. If a group of businessmen were standing at a street corner and a man with three arms walked right in front of them, most of the viewers would not accept it as their reality. If they were asked about it later most would deny it ever occurred. And they would believe it. Most would fight to believe it. Why would they do this? Why would they fight to not believe something they saw? It is because people fear the unknown, and that is why fear is the opposing force to love.

The five sense realm is the reality that most people on Earth are stuck in now. They only believe what they can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. In other words, they are trapped in their own bodies. They are limited to the frequencies of light and sound that their bodies can handle. Since everything vibrates, that means our bodies vibrate. If a frequency spectrum of sound and color is outside the range that our bodies can detect, then we believe that it does not exist. Many people do not believe in ghosts because they cannot see them, but there are realities beyond physical sight. Electromagnetic plasma light entities vibrate at frequencies above the spectrum of the rainbow, so that is why we cannot see them. Millions of people will encounter ghosts, poltergeists, and manifestations of discarnate entities every year, but those experiences will remain a mystery until the collective consciousness of our planet expands its mode of perception.

The Seven Planes of Existence

Much like the Kabbalah, the higher we move up the ladder of existence, the farther we travel away from human experience and the closer we come to the Source from which all other planes emanate. We have a "body" on each of these planes which acts as a vehicle for our consciousness (soul). The seven planes are listed henceforth:

PHYSICAL PLANE: The first plane is dense and solid. It is the material world and all things measured by the material senses. The Matrix anchors itself into this plane as it is the plane of space, time, solid form and causality. Our body on this plane is the physical body.

ETHERIC PLANE: The second plane is an energetic spiritual template upon which the physical world is based. The etheric realm is the blueprint for the physical world. Our body on this plane is the etheric body; it is a blue/grey mist emanating 1 to 2 inches from our physical body.

ASTRAL PLANE: The third plane is the realm of idealized form. The astral plane is the idealized template for the etheric plane as the etheric plane is the mold for the physical plane. Astral forms are affected by energy, intention, and emotions and the astral plane is the first realm of spirits, from benevolent spirit guides to ghosts to discarnate entities. It is also the dream plane and the collective consciousness of our planet. Our body on this plane is the astral body, the vehicle we use for astral projection and remote viewing.

EMOTIONAL PLANE: The fourth plane is somewhat of an extension of the astral plane and is where our highest emotions reside, such as love. The Ascended Masters can aide us on our journey from this realm. Our body on this plane is our emotional body and it emanates about 2 to 3 inches from our physical body.

MENTAL PLANE: The fifth plane is the realm of ideas, thoughts, and concepts. In order to create something, one must first conceive a thought and then give it emotional energy so it can manifest form on the astral plane and then eventually onto the etheric and physical planes. The mental plane is the realm of information, abstract concepts and communication; our body on this level is our mental body, which radiates 5 inches to 3 feet from our physical body.

PSYCHIC PLANE: The sixth plane is the connective plane where seers and psychics have visions of the past and future. When you remember something or when you project an image, you are enacting your consciousness on the psychic plane. Our body on this plane is the crystal light body, which is activated by the Merkabah vehicle, the three-dimensional star tetrahedron of light that is contained within our electronic circles. It interpenetrates all other bodies.

DIVINE PLANE: The seventh plane is the home of our Divine Monad, our connection to Prime Creator. This field of energy surrounds the other six planes and is the container and source for all of creation. This is where the higher self resides. Our body in this plane is the nirvanic body, which emanates 3 to 5 feet from our physical body on the highest octave of the 12th dimension.

According to metaphysicians, each of the seven planes can be subdivided into seven dimensions, so together, forty-nine planes of existence are manifested through the will of Prime Creator. Each plane has one of each of the aspects (physical, etheric, astral, emotional, mental, psychic, and divine) since we can use these abilities and call down this energy from the third dimension.

The Holographic Universe and the Dimensions of Light

Our universe is a hologram. It is not real in the sense that everyone thinks it is real, that being a solid structure. Rather, our universe is malleable and manifest on many dimensional levels outside the range our bodies can detect. This particular hologram contains 11 creational densities, or 11 frequency spectrums of sound and color with each spectrum containing 11 additional levels. In this model of creation, the frequency of light and its counterpart, sound, are recorded on different density levels (this does not directly relate to the 49 planes of existence discussed above as it is more concrete, although it fits the overall scale). Color relates to the wavelength of light, so the spectrum of the rainbow is just light vibrating along a certain spectrum radiating from blue to red. That is only what we can see from 3rd density (our physical universe), however, since there are an infinite number of colors ranging from black to white. Black is the absence of color and white is all the colors combined, so if you want to picture Creation just imagine an infinite field of love that perpetuates a color and sound frequency from zero to infinity. Zero is the gap, the point of creation, and 3rd density is the first vibrational level of existence since it carries the lowest vibration. The 11 creational densities range from 3rd density, which is the observable universe (Physical Plane), to 13th density, which is the beginning of the Cosmic Center of Consciousness (Divine Plane). This density is never ending and stretches on to infinity. Third density is our perspective of creation, although it is severely limited.

There is another dimensional model that is very much relative to and intertwined with the previous models and it was given to us by the Plejarens (Pleiadians). This is the model of "Manifestation of Nine Dimensions," where dimension is not a synonym of frequency. Instead, dimension in this sense refers to a realm of awareness and manifestation. The creational densities model of the universe shows us layers of sound and color vibrating at higher and higher frequencies. This model is the basic understanding of the composition of the universe and is the concrete version of the Seven Planes model. The model of "Manifestation of Nine Dimensions" is the most practical for our understanding since it can be considered as the process by which thought manifests from higher dimensions down to lower dimensions (9th dimension down into the 1st dimension according to the Pleiadians). Thought is the origin of everything. In the Bible it says, "In the beginning was the word," however this is a mistranslation among numerous mistranslations. In the beginning was thought. That is why understanding this model is crucial in manifesting whatever reality you desire.


Excerpted from A NEW ORDER OF THE AGES by Collin Robert Bowling Copyright © 2011 by Collin Robert Bowling. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


IN THE BEGINNING....................xv
Part 1: Thy Brethren, Us All....................1
I. Structure of Reality....................3
II. The Nature of Time and Soul....................25
III. Universal History Part 1....................44
IV. Universal History Part 2....................73
V. Lemuria, Atlantis, and the Ancient Mystery Schools....................85
Part 2: The Virus of Life....................117
I. The World's Religions and Secret Societies....................119
II. Columbus and the New World....................254
III. Freedom From oppression....................271
IV. Thank-you, Mr. Tesla....................313
V. Make love, Not War....................320

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