A Peace Offering for the People and the Police: To Bridge Gaps Caused by Fear/Harm of All People

A Peace Offering for the People and the Police: To Bridge Gaps Caused by Fear/Harm of All People

by Tracy E. Bush


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positive change is needed to create healing; time to bridge the gaps caused by fear and harm that hurt all people. It is time to extend a peaceful spirit to reside throughout the USA. This book specifically deals with creating guidelines for race relations by helping to make things better and building a new bridge of trust where both parties can meet in the middle to help assure officers that no unnecessary harm comes to another black youth or an officer of the law that gives preventive measures to help improve the entire community. It also helps officers with their ability to become better servants by adding a new level of spiritual wisdom to their resumes with a greater respect for themselves and others to avoid any and all stereotypical attitudes toward others. It also teaches people how to better relate to police officers who are put in place to protect them.

This book is a key to help bring about more peace in this country? It is like a journey to help end a modern day problem, to help with the relations between police and people. It even talks about the fact that Cleveland, Ohio can be the starting place for peace and spread it throughout the country so we all will be on the right track. In addition to body cameras, this could be beneficial as therapeutic anecdote to help the emotional structure or balance on a personal level when dealing with the element of surprise that some officers are faced with.

It is time to extend a peaceful spirit. This is one of the Lord's blessings that had to be called into existence to be made known to the masses of people in order to help keep peace. This will allow the world to see that changing times have come to this country by way of us getting in line with a peace movement on a new level of thinking and reacting.

If you really want to know of a solution to help with some of the problems between the police and the people, invest in a possible solution and you will be better off with what may be priceless knowledge that money can't buy that can help you become more aware. What does the book offer? It offers insight for change with a new bond of trust, brotherhood and much more. It is to be experienced and not just read - to knock the edge off of some situations the officers face to help bring about more peace and understanding that is needed between all people, noting that black lives matter, blue lives matter, all lives matter. This wisdom is presenting some of the answers that are needed to help. We can achieve peace on a new level moving forward and moving this mountain of unrest aside as a nation.

This also may be the best way to help stop the process and reverse people wanting to bully back on the police that should not have come to this in the first place. If there is any confusion about the word Parakletos, it means the Holy Spirit. People need to learn to not be in a position where they are grieving the Holy Spirit. This is to help people do the right things.

In order to end warfare of this kind, there must be some kind of truce to be trusted in so it is ordered by the governing power in all people to call upon them self to do this to bring a new level of love to be shared by all. This will help stop the madness and sadness and create gladness to lead to happy times for the nation.

That is why going from innocence to grieving is no fun and people need to know how not to go there as it is shown in the word of God.

This will give all a break. Again, it is truly time that we give ourselves and law enforcement a break. This will give us the power of awakening to realize the angels are there to help.

Due to the emergency situation that is occurring in Ferguson, Missouri, there is a temporary price reduction on the book.

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