A Seaside Christmas (Chesapeake Shores Series #10)

A Seaside Christmas (Chesapeake Shores Series #10)

by Sherryl Woods

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback - Original)

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#1 New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods takes you back to Chesapeake Shores for another heartwarming holiday season

As the only child of a single mom, Jenny Collins wanted nothing more than to be part of a large, rambunctious family like the O'Briens. Ironically, though, when her mother married into that family, Jenny found herself feeling more like an outsider than ever.

Now, after years in Nashville as an established songwriter, Jenny's drawn back to Chesapeake Shores to collaborate on a Christmas production…and to make peace with the past. As if that's not challenging enough, Caleb Green, the singer who broke her heart, has followed her to town, determined to win her back.

With the help of a little O'Brien holiday magic, will Jenny and Caleb find a way to make sweet music forever?

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ISBN-13: 9780778316688
Publisher: MIRA Books
Publication date: 10/28/2014
Series: Chesapeake Shores Series , #10
Edition description: Original
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 158,047
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.60(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

With her roots firmly planted in the South, Sherryl Woods has written many of her more than 100 books in that distinctive setting, whether in her home state of Virginia, her adopted state, Florida, or her much-adored South Carolina. Sherryl is best known for her ability to creating endearing small town communities and families. She is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over 75 romances for Silhouette Desire and Special Edition.

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Chesapeake Shores had been frozen in time, Jenny Collins thought as she turned onto Main Street toward the Chesapeake Bay. Not yet decked out for the holidays, the quaint and welcoming storefronts were the same familiar ones she'd known practically since childhood—Flowers on Main, owned by her uncle Jake's wife, Bree O'Brien, and then Shauna's bookstore, which had another family connection through the O'Briens, then Sally's café, Seaside Gifts and, finally, Ethel's Emporium, which sold everything from penny candy to gaudy beachwear.

Bree's shop and the bookstore were the newest additions. The others had been around since the town's founding. Ethel herself was something of an institution, a woman who knew everything and kept very little of it to herself.

It was Bree—as much friend as aunt—who'd lured Jenny back to town after she'd spent several years offering pitiful explanations that no one in her family had believed. First college and then her blossoming career as a songwriter in Nashville had given her more legitimate excuses, but Jenny knew they'd worn thin, too.

The truth was that she'd stayed away because her mom's marriage to the much older Thomas O'Brien and the birth of Jenny's half brother had freaked her out. The safe, secure world in which she'd grown up had suddenly changed in a dramatic way. She'd no longer known how to fit in.

At least she recognized that it didn't say anything good about her that she'd been wildly jealous about not having her mom all to herself anymore. For so long after her dad had left they'd been a dynamic duo, with only her uncle Jake as backup. She'd liked it that way, even when her mom had gotten on her last nerve being overly protective.

Rolling down the car window now, she breathed in the sharp, familiar tang of salt air and sighed. No matter how uncomfortable this visit might turn out to be, it felt amazingly good to be home. She felt settled, as if a part of herself had been restored.

Gazing out at the water, sparkling in the pale sun, she thought of the countless times her mom had talked about how lucky they were to call this town home, how the Chesapeake Bay—Thomas's passion and life's work—was such an amazing estuary and such a national treasure. She hadn't appreciated that then, but on a day like today she did. She could even admit she admired Thomas's dedication to preserving the bay.

Glancing at the car's clock, she saw that she was running later than she'd planned. She drove on to Bree's theater, the real love of her friend's professional life. She'd promised Bree she'd write a few songs for this year's Christmas play, a play Bree herself had scripted.

The prospect of such a collaboration, of possibly reaching a whole new audience with her songs, had been impossible to resist.

And it had given her the perfect excuse to flee Nashville during the holidays. She'd stuck it out there the year before after her breakup with megastar Caleb Green, mostly to prove to everyone that she was doing just fine, but a second year of loneliness during this special season? She simply couldn't face it.

Inside the cozy theater, Jenny shrugged out of her coat and headed for the rehearsal hall, which echoed with childish squeals and laughter and the occasional snatches of applause. She walked into the room just as silence fell. A sea of rapt young faces stared at Bree, her dark red hair pulled back into a loose ponytail, curls lit with sparkling highlights escaping around her pale-as-porcelain face. Though she was in her thirties, she looked younger.

"And once again the whole town felt the magic of the season," Bree concluded with a dramatic flourish.

The children, many of whom Jenny recognized as the newest generation of O'Briens, applauded enthusiastically. A smile split Bree's face at their exuberance, then widened when she spotted Jenny at the back of the room. She jumped up, leaving two young women in charge of the energetic children, and ran to embrace Jenny. When the women waved, Jenny realized with a sense of shock that they were Bree's sister Abby's twin daughters.

"Welcome home!" Bree said, enveloping her in a hug.

"Thanks," Jenny said. She nodded in the direction of the twins. "Caitlyn and Carrie?"

Bree laughed at her amazement. "Can you believe it? They're all grown up. Abby's still reeling about that. As for Trace, I'm afraid their stepfather is having a very difficult time thinking they're old enough to date, much less be on their own at college. He has this mile-long list of rules for them while they're home on break from school. They're convinced he lives in the Dark Ages. I've read the list. Abby showed it to me. They could be right."

Jenny laughed. "I can imagine. Those girls might not be his biologically, but Trace was always as protective as if they were."

"He's much worse than their dad, who's always indulged their every whim to make up for not being around," Bree said, then winced. "Sorry. I didn't mean to be insensitive."

Jenny shrugged. "Things with my dad are what they are. I've gotten over the fact that he's not the least bit interested in me or my life. It's been years since I had so much as a birthday card, much less a call from him."

"But you have a stepfather who does care," Bree reminded her pointedly. "My uncle Thomas really wants to be part of your life."

Jenny held up a warning hand. "Don't go there, okay?"

Bree sighed. "Just saying. He's a great guy to have in your corner."

Jenny deliberately turned away and glanced around. She realized then that she and Bree were the center of attention for some of the children, including her half brother. Sean Michael O'Brien, who'd turned four a few months back, was studying her with a quizzical expression, as if not quite sure who she might be but clearly thinking he ought to know. With his bright red curls and blue eyes, he was unmistakably all O'Brien.

The Collins genes had apparently been no match for his Irish heritage.

Jenny forced her gaze back to Bree. "So you've been trying the story out on a captive audience?" she teased, determined to lighten the mood and change the uncomfortable subject.

Bree laughed, her expression unapologetic. "There are a lot of young O'Briens. They make a great test group to be sure this story will appeal to all ages. And my sisters and sisters-in-law get free babysitting. With their careers flourishing, time's at a premium for all of them this time of year. Come and say hello. Emily Rose and Sean are especially excited about seeing you."

Jenny couldn't help it. Eager as she was to see Bree and Jake's daughter, she stiffened at the mention of her own little brother. The reaction shamed her, especially with Bree regarding her with that knowing expression.

"Don't take all your misguided, conflicted feelings out on Sean," Bree pleaded quietly. "It's not fair."

"I know that," Jenny acknowledged, flushing under the intense scrutiny. "It's just that I don't know how to act around him. I don't feel like his big sister."

"Only because you've chosen to stay away," Bree said. "You are a part of this family, Jenny. And he is your little brother. Those are facts. You need to come to terms with them."

Jenny shook her head, still in denial. "I'm not an O'Brien," she said, as if that were the only thing that mattered. In many ways, to her it was.

Bree merely smiled. "Try telling my father that. Mick's been chomping at the bit for a couple of years, threatening to go to Nashville and haul you home himself. He's not fond of family rifts, especially since he and Mom have mended theirs and gotten back together, and the rest of us have fallen into line to forgive her, too. He expects peace and harmony to reign throughout O'Brien-land."

Jenny could believe that. Mick O'Brien was a force of nature. He, along with his brother, Thomas, who was now her stepfather, and their other brother, Jeff, had built Chesapeake Shores. Mick tended to think that gave him control over everything that happened not only in the family, but in the entire town.

"What stopped him?" she asked curiously.

"Not what," Bree said. "Who. Gram, of course. Nell told him and the rest of us that you'd had to face a lot of changes in your life, that you weren't the first one in this family to need some space, and that you'd come home when it felt right. I'm pretty sure that was a not-very-veiled reference to my mother's extended absence, which Gram used to make her point with Dad."

"And yet you decided to prod things along by dangling this offer to write the songs for the Christmas play in front of me," Jenny said.

Bree flushed. "Yes, well, Gram doesn't know everything. This seemed like the right opportunity and the right time. Even though you haven't said as much, I know things have been difficult for you in Nashville since the split with Caleb. The two of you were linked so tightly professionally and personally that it can't be easy moving on with everyone in the entire country music community watching you."

Jenny didn't even try to deny it. Ignoring the stares and speculation had taken a toll. Pretending that she didn't miss Caleb had been even more difficult. "I was glad for the break, no question about it," she told Bree.

"And I was tired of showing pictures of you to my daughter and your brother to make sure they'd recognize you," Bree said. "See what I mean? Perfect timing all around."

Just then a pint-sized version of Bree, red hair coming free from two braids only one of which still had a ribbon at the end, bounced over and regarded Jenny with a somber expression. She was clutching Sean's hand, her whole demeanor protective, as if she somehow understood the undercurrents swirling around them.

"You're Jenny," Emily Rose announced with certainty.

"I am," Jenny confirmed. "That makes us cousins, just like me and Sean." Despite her discomfort, Jenny smiled. "That's exactly right."

"You've been in Nashville writing music," Emily Rose continued as if well-rehearsed. "I've heard your songs on the radio. I can sing some of them."

"Me, too," a shy little voice piped up. "Mommy plays them at home all the time. She told me my sister wrote them. Sometimes they make her cry."

Tears of her own stung Jenny's eyes at the innocent revelation.

"How come I've never seen you before?" Sean asked bluntly.

Jenny knelt down so she could look into his eyes. "You have. You were just too little to remember," she said, thinking of the day he'd been born, her mom's labor disrupting an O'Brien family wedding, a double wedding, in fact. She recalled the happiness that had shone in her mother's eyes and in Thomas's that day, even as she'd wanted to die of embarrassment. Intellectually she knew her reaction had been childish, but she hadn't been able to move past it. Some feelings simply didn't respond to logic.

"But I've been big for a long time," Sean said, his expression puzzled.

"Yes, you have," Jenny agreed. She took a deep breath and, with Bree watching her closely, added, "Maybe on this trip we'll get to make up for lost time."

"Are you going to stay at our house?" he asked. "Your room is next to mine. Mommy said so. I'm not allowed in there. She's afraid I'll mess it up. She says it's just like the one you had when you were my age."

Startled, she turned a frantic gaze to Bree. That wasn't what they'd agreed. She still needed distance and time to get used to the changes that had taken place in her family the past few years. Coming to town was just the first step. She wasn't yet ready for the next one.

Bree put her hand on Sean's shoulder. "Jenny's going to stay at my house, but you'll see her all the time," she promised.

"Yea!" Emily Rose shouted triumphantly even as Sean's face fell.

"Sweetie, why don't you and Sean go and grab one of Grandma Nell's cookies before they're all gone," Bree said. "Jenny and I have some things we need to figure out."

Jenny watched them walk away, then faced her friend. "I only agreed to come because you invited me to stay with you and Uncle Jake. You're not changing your mind, are you?"

"Of course not," Bree said. "I just thought maybe you might want to reconsider. You know your mom is going to be crushed if you don't come home."

"That house isn't my home," Jenny said stubbornly, thinking instead of the small house in which her mom and Jake were raised and where she, too, had grown up. "I've never spent a single night in it."

"And whose fault is that?" Bree asked reasonably. "It's the house that Thomas built for your mother and his family. No matter how you might try to deny it and hold yourself aloof, you're part of that family, Jenny."

"I'm also a part of your family," Jenny reminded her. "I'd rather stay with you and Uncle Jake."

Bree nodded, though she didn't even try to hide the disappointment in her expression. "Whatever you want. You're always welcome to stay with us. You know that."

"Thank you."

"No problem." She smiled. "But if you think I'm being pushy, just wait till you see your uncle. Jake isn't one bit happy about any of this. He thinks it's way past time for you and your mom to mend fences."

"I'm sure he thinks this is all my fault, that I'm being stubborn and immature."

Bree tried and failed to contain a smile. "Your words, but, yes, he's made similar comments."

Suddenly the prospect of staying with her uncle's family didn't seem much more enticing than going home. "Maybe I should book a room at the inn," she said. That, too, belonged to yet another of the O'Briens, but it still seemed more likely to be neutral turf.

"Absolutely not," Bree said. "I guarantee you wouldn't even get your bags unpacked before Jake would be over there dragging you back to our place."

"Can't you call him off?" she asked Bree plaintively. "I know he listens to you."

Bree merely laughed. "I might be the O'Brien with meddling in my DNA, but Jake is no slouch. He knows exactly how to get what he wants, and heaven help anyone who gets in his way. Since I actually agree with him about this, I won't even try."

"All that shows is that you're highly susceptible to his charm."

"Of course I am," Bree admitted readily. "But stronger women than I have been persuaded to change their minds once Jake starts working on them."

Jenny merely rolled her eyes. As much as she'd idolized her uncle growing up, she was pretty sure she could hold her own against him.

"Bring it on," she said.

The truth was she was actually looking forward to a good test of wills. Maybe it would keep her mind off the emotional roller coaster she'd been on from the moment she'd driven into town and experienced the first powerful tug of homesickness she'd felt in years.

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A Seaside Christmas 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 33 reviews.
lsmeadows More than 1 year ago
In this installment of the series, Jenny Collins returns to Chesepeake Shores for the holiday season to help a family member with her annual Christmas play.  She is also running away from Nashville, where she is a celebrated songwriter, trying to escape from the publicity caused by her very public breakup with Country superstar Caleb Green.    For me, a romance book has to have something other than just the romance to entice me.  In the case of this book, there were several things that fit that bill.  First of all, the characters in Sherryl Woods O'Brian series, if this book is any indication, encompass just he right mix of compassion, family loyalty, and pragmatism, yet they aren't at all one dimensional.   Also, as a Country music fan, the country music backdrop was definitely a plus.  I found myself through out the book associating both Jenny and Caleb with my favorite Country stars.  Last, I loved the whole focus on the Christmas musical.  I am a sucker for musicals AND Christmas musicals in particular.  The fact that the author referenced all my favorite Christmas movies was not lost on me.  By the time the book was finished, I not only wanted to go to Broadway and see the play, but I wanted to dig out all of my faves, White Christmas, It's a Wonderful Life, etc.  and watch one after the other.   After reading this book, I have decided that I need to go back and read the other books in the series.  I really want to get to know all of the O'Brians better.   If the book can do that to me, I am sure it will do the same for other readers.  That, in my mind, makes it a huge success.   A big thanks to Sherryl Woods, Harlequin MIRA, and Melissa for putting this tour together and giving me a chance to read this book in exchange for my review. 
quaintinns More than 1 year ago
A Seaside Christmas (Chesapeake Shores #10) is a light seasonal Christmas read. I would recommend reading the other Chesapeake books in order to keep up with the array of O’Brien characters. The audio book was nicely done and the narrator Christina Traister’s voice was pleasant to get you in the holiday season mood. As the only child of a single mom, Jenny Collins wanted to be a part of a large family; however, she was jealous and behaved like a brat. After a few years in Nashville she returns to Chesapeake Shores to help her friend Bree with a Christmas production and hopefully make peace with her mother. However Caleb, the country music star who broke her heart by cheating follows her there to try and win back her trust. As usual the O’Brien’s come together and stick their nose in make things happen to develop a sweet romance.
casspepshe More than 1 year ago
Sherryl Woods is a great Author. My number one favorite. Love this series of books. Any book she writes is worth the money.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sherryl Woods write some of the best stories ever. Very family orinated and just plain good reading. I love to follow all the series books have read everyone of her books And can hardly wait for the next one. I have shared this with my best friend and she enjoys them as much as I do!! Keep on writing!
lindyLW More than 1 year ago
This book is a great read, I love the Chesapeake Shores series. The family is so warm, touching, funny you feel like they are your friends. I truly love Nell, wish I had her in my life. The town I would move to in a hurry if it was real. This book will get you in the Christmas spirit, especially the trains.
LisaVH More than 1 year ago
If you liked the Chesapeake Shores series you will love this one. Catch up on all your favorite characters and find out what is happening in Chesapeake Shores. Great characters, a fabulous story....all fans of Sherryl Woods will like this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Book is good read. Comment to fellow reviewers. Why must some people spell out the whole story? Don't you think author would like to tell it?????? Enough already fellow reviewers, if ya like just say so don't go on and on and on......
jbarr5 More than 1 year ago
A Seaside Christmas by Sherryl Woods This family saga is about Jenny Collins=her mom went and married the elder O'Brien and they had a son. She just didn't fit in but her aunt Bree talked her into coming back after years of trying other things: college and songwriting in Nashville. She had broken up a year ago with Caleb Green. This book also follows Caleb and his life in Nashville, listening to others sing Jennie's songs. He wants to buy that song and will go to Chesapeake Shores and talk to her-something he hadn't done when they broke up. In town everybody in the family is trying to get Jenny on board to attend the welcome home party and to make amends with her mother... She's also working with Bree on the Christmas play songs. Caleb hits town to apologize to Jenny... Dillon, another local guy she used to play music with is divorced and wants to date her. Super surprise what her mom and step-dad give her when she's back in town, it's so perfect. To help Bree and her new production company they agree to work together so she'll have a really good season. Love catching up with all the families and especially during the holiday season. Caleb's idea to decorate her yard with decorations-he gets the go ahead by Bree who in turn sends all the males to the house to help complete the job. They hope she appreciates and likes it especially the special piece he found. He wins the males over with the lure of a benefit concert for their land and preservation ideas... Jenny listens to how he's changed and she's seen it for herself but she has some doubts he will go back to his bad ole self ... and he does have the part where he kisses the older female in the play...til she finds out another reason he came to town... I received this book from Net Galley via Harlequin MIRA in exchange for my honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enters. Anyone up for some nooksex?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
highly recommended anything Sherryl Woods writes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
debyhyland More than 1 year ago
Let me first start out by saying that I LOVE Miss Woods’ Chesapeake Shores series (a must read for anyone who loves good, romantic books full of warmth and family), and I was so excited to see that she decided to continue the saga. A Seaside Christmas lives up to the rest of this wonderful family of books, picking up with Jenny, who has appeared in many of the previous books as a minor character. Jenny’s struggles with her family and with Caleb are written very well, it is easy to feel her inner-turmoil as she wishes to renew a relationship with her mother while not understanding where she fits in to her mother’s new, and very large family, and also wanting to listen to her heart and give Caleb another chance, while not knowing if it will only lead to more devastating heartbreak. Throughout this novel, readers will feel as though they are a part of this ideal community, watching the story unfold rather than reading it. There is something about reading a really good book, especially a really good Christmas book, that can’t help but bring warmth to your heart, and a smile to your face. You will love shopping for Christmas decorations with Jenny and Caleb, watching a mother and daughter reconnect after far too long, and the beautifully sweet moments of a meant-to-be couple trying to mend their hearts and fall back in love. Pick up a copy of this book, and slip into the comfy, heartfelt, world of the O’Briens.
acorley84 More than 1 year ago
A Seaside Christmas - Beautifully Written, As Always Title: A Seaside Christmas Author: Sherryl Woods Length: 288 pages Publisher: Harlequin MIRA Published: October 1, 2013 Genres: Fiction; Love Stories; Christmas Stories My Rating: ¿¿¿¿¿ Synopsis: New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods takes you back to Chesapeake Shores for another heartwarming holiday season  As the only child of a single mom, Jenny Collins wanted nothing more than to be part of a large, rambunctious family like the O'Briens. Ironically, though, when her mother married into that family, Jenny found herself feeling more like an outsider than ever.  Now, after years in Nashville as an established songwriter, Jenny's drawn back to Chesapeake Shores to collaborate on a Christmas production...and to make peace with the past. As if that's not challenging enough, Caleb Green, the singer who broke her heart, has followed her to town, determined to win her back.  With the help of a little O'Brien holiday magic, will Jenny and Caleb find a way to make sweet music forever? My Review: I have such a special place in my heart for Sherryl Woods and definitely for her Chesapeake Shores series, so I can't help but run out and get each newest release, and that was no different with A Seaside Christmas.  Woods is by far my favorite go-to author when I need a good sweet, pick-me-up story, and she never fails to deliver, which she did once again with this book! Sherryl Woods is absolutely the first author I run to for comfort reads! This book was absolutely beautifully written! Woods has found the perfect delicate balance for the romance, not overpowering the story, but by adding just the right amount to keep you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Her writing helps you to maintain your believe that there is happy love out there, and she does a great job of not over romanticizing life, relationships and their struggles. I love the characters of this series and the great family bond that they all share. Her characters are realistic and human, and I appreciate that! It was good to hear about Jenny, who we've only vaguely read about previously, and get a glimpse into her life now, as an adult!  The story flowed together nicely, and made for a nice, easy, enjoyable reading session! It left me feeling the need for more of the O'Brien family, and I can't wait to see what else Ms. Woods comes up with for the family! She always does such a great job at distinguishing each book from each other but yet intertwining it altogether as she goes! Sherryl Woods is definitely the best at what she does, no question about it! I am never disappointed after reading one of Sherryl Woods books, and A Seaside Christmas was no different. As always, it has left me with an undying crave for more, so I'll be holding my breath waiting for the next Chesapeake Shores release!
Emsy-VanWyck More than 1 year ago
For me a perfect romance to curl up with should have an enticing setting (this could be the mountains or seaside, or a very old French village), characters that I can connect to and befriend for how ever many pages I read, and a story that captures my interest. I have to say that Sherryl Woods' Chesapeake Shores series has all those elements and I feel blessed that I began reading it after she had already published books one to nine. (Yes, I am an impatient reader and prefer not to have to wait months or a year to find out what is happening to favorite characters, though of course I do.) This fall, Woods released book 10 in her Chesapeake Shores series, A Seaside Christmas, which featured Jenny Collins, now a successful Nashville songwriter who's returned to Chesapeake Shores to help out our favorite flower shop owner and playwright produce a Christmas musical. It's been a while since we last saw Jenny, the adopted daughter of an O'Brien marriage (I'm not giving you spoilers for earlier novels okay, you just have to read them). Just let it be said she left quite unhappy with her mom's remarriage as before it had just been the two of them. This is the first time she's returned to the idyllic community created by the O'Brien family in years. She's returning not only to help out, but also to tend a wounded heart. Her love, a highly successful singer whom she partnered with professionally and personally, had a substance abuse problem and cheated on her publicly - which sent her into a tailspin of despair. Now, a year later, she's stronger and just beginning to move on in her life. But moving on, may mean looking back, as that singer - Caleb Green - follows her to Chesapeake Shores. His initial motivation in seeking her out becomes buried in their renewed feelings for one another - no matter how much Jenny tries to resist. But does love ever run smoothly? Jenny has to deal not only with Caleb, but her feelings of abandonment, real or perceived they've followed her since she left her hometown. Will Caleb convince Jenny to give him a second chance? Will she learn to trust her heart? Find her family again? Woods keeps us turning the pages to find out. While this could be read as a stand-alone novel, I'd really advocate that you read the series first. You'll want to know who the characters are that you're meeting in A Seaside Christmas and their backstories. Plus who could argue with the pleasure of reading Sherryl Woods' novels? Her stories are moving and compassionate and we, as readers, care about the outcome of her characters lives. She makes them come alive on the page - and become our friends. So, do take some time and book a trip to Chesapeake Shores and experience romance with a definite heart and passion. Five stars for Sherryl Woods A Seaside Christmas. I received an eARC from the publisher through NetGalley for use in this review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read, love this series. Hopebthere is another in this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
continuing on with a wonderful series
bertieCT More than 1 year ago
The book is fantastic - If you read all the Chesapeake Shores Series you have to read this one! It brings you right in the spirit of things, holds your interest and quite frankly, I can not wait for Series #11!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good christmas read, hope you enjoy.
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Kim for Read Your Writes Books Reviews A Seaside Christmas is the tenth book in the A Chesapeake Shores Novel Series by Sherryl Woods. While this book can be read as a standalone, long time fans of the series will feel welcomed back into the O’Brien family fold. Be prepared to smile from the very first page. It's been years since Jenny Collins has been in her hometown of Chesapeake Shores. Now a successful country music songwriter, she's back to help her aunt and friend, Bree O'Brien Collins with a Christmas play. Jenny's goal is to write some great original songs for the play and attempt to make amends with her family. But Bree has other things in mind. Caleb Green is Jenny's ex-boyfriend. At one point in time, he was pretty much the face of country music, along with his band. That is until Caleb's life spun out of control and he lost his band and the woman he loved. Now trying to put his life back together again, Caleb follows Jenny to Chesapeake Shores in order to win her back. In A Seaside Christmas, Sherryl immediately gives you a hero and heroine you will fall in live with. This story is so full of love, forgiveness, and understanding. No one does a Christmas romance like Sherryl Woods. Source: Harlequin MIRA via NetGalley
GHott More than 1 year ago
Hott Synopsis: After spending a year proving to herself and the rest of Nashville that Caleb’s betrayal hadn’t completely destroyed her, Jenny decides to return home to finally recuperate and to med fences. Life is tense but secure in the little town of Chesapeake Shores until Caleb crosses the city lines looking to get back the life he destroyed the year before. All he needs is Jenny – between her love and her song-writing – and he’ll be back on top in no time. Will his actions be able to mend the rifts or will he be stuck forever? Hott Review: This was a wonderful addition to the Chesapeake Shores series, though you needn’t have read any of the others to enjoy this episode. While this is a Christmas novel it’s versatile enough to be a good read any time of the year. I think that it was very realistic and emotional while staying fun and light. More… Author: Harlequin MIRA via Netgalley Source: Sherryl Woods Grade: A Steam: YA Series: Chesapeake Shores 10