A Secondhand Life

A Secondhand Life

by Pamela Crane


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From USA Today best-selling author Pamela Crane comes a dark thriller about the monsters that hide in plain sight.

Fans of K.L. Slater, Teresa Driscoll, and Lisa Gardner will relish the knife-sharp prose, empowering characters, and mind-blowing twist ending of A Secondhand Life.

A string of murdered girls. An innocent man behind bars. A serial killer still on the hunt.

In a freak collision when she was twelve, Mia Germaine faced death and the loss of her father. A heart transplant from a young murder victim saved her life, but not without a price. Twenty years later, chilling nightmares about an unresolved homicide begin to plague Mia. Compelled by these lost memories, she forms a complicated connection to the victim--the girl killed the night of Mia's accident--due to a scientific phenomenon called "organ memory."

Now suffocating beneath the weight of avenging a dead girl and catching a serial killer on the loose dubbed the "Triangle Terror," Mia must dodge her own demons while unimaginable truths torment her--along with a killer set on making her his next victim.

As Mia tries to determine if her dreams are clues or disturbing phantasms, uninvited specters lead her further into danger's path, costing her the one person who can save her from herself.

More than a page-turning thriller, A Secondhand Life weaves a tale of second chances and reclaimed dreams as this taut, refreshing literary thriller ensnares and penetrates you.

Readers of Gilly Macmillan and The Woman in the Window will enjoy the provocative prose and unreliable narrator that makes you realize you don't really know what you thought you did.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781987007800
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 04/16/2015
Series: The Killer Thriller Series , #1
Pages: 314
Sales rank: 940,666
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Pamela Crane is a professional juggler. Not the type of juggler who can toss flaming torches in the air, but a juggler of four kids, a writing addiction, a horse rescuer, and a book editor by trade. She lives on the edge (ask her Arabian horse about that--he'll tell you all about their wild adventures while trying to train him!) and she writes on the edge. Her characters and plots are her escape from the real world of dirty diapers and cleaning horse stalls, and she thrives off of an entertaining tale.

She is the USA Today best-selling author of several award-winning psychological thrillers, including:

Mental Madness Suspense Series:
The Admirer's Secret
A Fatal Affair

The Killer Thriller Series:
A Secondhand Life
A Secondhand Lie

The Little Things That Kill Series:
The Scream of Silence
The Art of Fear
The Death of Life

Murder and Mayhem
Pretty Ugly Lies

Visit her chaotic world and grab a free book at pamelacrane.com.

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A Secondhand Life 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another 5-star novel from Pamela Crane. This thriller introduces a protag with a dark past, but not in the trite way that many modern thrillers do these days. She's a unique character, having undergone a heart transplant as a child from a murder victim. The subsequent nightmares she experiences are clues to a murder...and the killer is still killing. The pacing is outstanding, the writing even better, as if each word was carefully chosen, and the twist got me. This is a writer to keep an eye on. She's got the chops to put out thrillers that will make your mind reel.
Melissa11 More than 1 year ago
To begin this review, I would like to thank the author for sending me a copy to review. After a freak accident in her childhood that claimed her father; Mia Germaine was a recipient of a donor heart. Years later she begins experiencing a phenomenon known as organ memory which forces her to recall memories and feelings from the organ's donor. What Mia hadn't know when she received the heart was that she received a heart ... from a 12-year-old murder victim. Can Mia use her newly formed 'memories' of the donor's last minutes in order to piece together the series of seemingly connected murders and catch a killer? I can wholeheartedly say that 'A Secondhand Life' was a fantastic novel; one that I was quite eager to take on. I was not disappointed; the story line made for a captivating, suspenseful, and unique thriller. The author had my attention from page one. Compelling me to continue reading further into the sleuthing exploits of Mia Germaine on her search for the "Triangle Terror"; despite the fact that I had pegged the killer early on in the story. Ultimately, Crane has proven that she is an imaginative writer with an obvious knowledge of mental health issues. At first, I was unsure of my feelings about the ending. However, after further examination I believed that it had a interesting twist; one that was far different to any books in this genre. Bottom line, Pamela Crane has introduced readers to a more than adequate thriller. I would highly recommend this book to others. Just make sure to read with your lights on and be prepared for a heart pumping story line. My Rating: 4.5 out of 5
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Chris Fischer for Readers' Favorite Fantastic. Fantastic. Fantastic. I could write that word ten more times and it still wouldn’t be enough to describe A Secondhand Life by author Pamela Crane. In this intriguing and thrilling work, we meet Mia Germaine. Mia is a woman in her thirties who, at the young age of twelve, had the very great misfortune of being in a terrible accident that claimed the life of her father, and the very great fortune of receiving the heart from a donor so that she could go on living. Now, twenty years after receiving this gift, she starts to have terrible dreams, nightmares really, about an unsolved crime: the murder of the very girl from whom she received her heart. Strained to the max by the messages she seems to be receiving, convinced she must avenge the murderer of the original owner of her heart, and now being stalked by a killer herself, Mia’s not safe at any turn. And the lengths she must go to in order to keep herself safe and quiet the voice within her could lead to her ultimate demise. I loved this book. I don’t know how else to say it. A Secondhand Life was a great psychological thriller. It kept me on the edge of my seat and reading until the very end. Author Pamela Crane has a true gift in character development, as I continued to think about Mia Germaine long after I put the book down. She also has a clear understanding of the human psyche, what makes it take and what makes it break. I recommend this book highly to any reader who loves thrillers, mysteries, or just plain excellent writing and story craft. Great cover and great book! This is the first book I’ve read by Pamela Crane, but it absolutely will not be the last.