A Stranger In The Park

A Stranger In The Park


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The "nice man" needs help finding his lost puppy. An excellent non-scary teaching tool for parents to read to children and discuss the family who unknowingly set the stage for an attempted kidnaping of their daughter in the park. When the "nice man" is arrested, the Police Chief cautions and teaches Grant and Karen about safety rules and challenges them to teach other kids. Grant and Karen begin with their multi-cultural, multi-racial neighborhood friends and they form a group and call themselves THE CAUTION CREW. They proceed to teach other children important personal safety rules. Cautioncrew.com, a site designed for children, reinforces these safety rules and lists state policies for missing children.

Children 3-11 will experience a story about children like themselves in 36 pages of beautiful color. The Summary of Personal Safety Tips, plus fill in the blank, will help children learn the importance of acquiring and practicing personal safety rules.

1. Never talk to strangers.

2 Know your telephone number.

3. Know your street address.

4. Be aware of people near you when your parents are not with you.

5. No grownup should ever ask you for help. They should ask another grownup.

6. You do not have to touch a car or go near the car to talk to someone in that car. A person sitting in a car can grab you if you get too close. So, talk from a distance.

7. If a stranger grabs you and no one is around to help, fall to the ground and let your body be totally limp like a rag. Practice this.

8. If a stranger touches you, yell "help" or "This is not my dad" or "This is not my mom." Practice this also.

A web site devoted to the Caution Crew contains the children from the book teaching specific safety tips to children.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781888106954
Publisher: Agreka Books, LLC
Publication date: 10/01/1999
Series: Caution Crew
Pages: 36
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.40(d)
Age Range: 5 - 11 Years

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Grant ran to get his parents! He yelled to them across the playground. "A stranger grabbed Karen! Stop him; Stop him." Grant shouted. Katy helped too. She barked as loud as she could as she chased the stranger.

Grant's parents ran after the stranger. Another couple, walking near the street, heard Katy and Grant calling for help. They could see the man pulling Karen away. They ran to stop him!

The stranger heard the shouts and saw people chasing him. He let Karen go so he could run faster. He tried to get away, but he could not outrun the Martins and the other grownups that heard Grant and Katy calling for help.

Katy helped the grownups hold the man until the police arrived to take him to jail. Karen was safe again, but she was very upset and frightened by what had happened. She had broken an important safety rule when she talked to the stranger.

The Martins were thankful that Karen was now safe from the stranger. They were happy that Grant remembered the "Stranger Rule": Never Talk to Strangers!

The Police Chief made Grant a deputy policeman. He gave Grant a badge and a real policeman's cap. He said "You have set a good example for others to follow. I would like you and your friends to help me teach all kids how to be safe. Will you help me?"

Grant said, "We'll call ourselves the Caution Crew and we will help you teach kids about safety!"

Karen talked to the kids in her school. She told what happened and what Grant did to save her. She also told them that she had made a mistake by not following the stranger rule.

I thought the man was safe because he looked just like other people. "Remember, not all bad people wear dark clothes and masks and carry guns. People that are bad are bad on the inside, not on the outside. You cannot just look at any person and know if he or she is good or bad."

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Marlin Price

A Stranger In The Park is an excellent instructional tool for children.
Dallas Asst. Police Chief Marlin Price

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