A to Z of Near-Death Adventures: Second Edition

A to Z of Near-Death Adventures: Second Edition


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An alphabetical romp through a lifetime of hair-breadth escape, dire danger, and even bizarre and unusual misadventure. The author is an ambassador of the Kingdom of God and this has painted a target on his back for the forces of darkness from early childhood. You will thrill to the tales of terror, laugh uproariously at hilarious circumstances and lightheartedly humorous storytelling style, and find your own faith in God's care and protection growing with every chapter. Twenty-seven stories about the faithfulness of the Father that will cause your trust and faith to soar.

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ISBN-13: 9780979905674
Publisher: Disciple Making Mentors
Publication date: 04/12/2015
Edition description: Family-Friendly
Pages: 258
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.58(d)

About the Author

BRIAN HOGAN earned his Master's in Intercultural Studies/Ministry from Hope International University (Fullerton, CA) specializing in World Christian Foundations. He is a sought after speaker, trainer and coach. Brian serves full time with Church Planting Coaches, a global ministry of Youth With A Mission. He serves YWAM on the Frontier Mission Leadership Team. He enjoys being a catalyst, hanging out, reading books, traveling and trying anything new, novel, and different.
Brian has participated in, led, and started organic expressions of Jesus' Body in the USA, Malta, and Mongolia both inside and outside the traditional wineskin. He coaches those involved in these movements on five continents, especially focusing on where the church isn't.

Don Richardson (born 1935) is a Canadian Christian missionary, teacher, author and international speaker who worked among the tribal people of Western New Guinea, Indonesia. In 1962, he and his wife Carol and their seven-month-old baby went to work among the Sawi tribe of what was then Dutch New Guinea in the service of the Regions Beyond Missionary Union. The Sawi were known to be cannibalistic headhunters. Living with them in virtual isolation from the modern world involved exposure to malaria, dysentery, and hepatitis, as well as the threat of violence.
In 1977 Don and his wife returned to North America, where he became a "minister-at-large" for his mission (now called World Team). Don also began teaching at the U.S. Center for World Mission in Pasadena, becoming Director of Tribal Peoples' Studies. He was instrumental in launching the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course under the auspices of USCWM. Richardson has continued to teach and travel broadly, speaking about "redemptive analogies" as a means to communicate the gospel message among tribal peoples and other cultures. His best-selling books have had a significant impact on missiology and ongoing Christian missionary work.
Don Richardson's beloved first wife, Carol Joy--his partner in 43 years of Christian ministry and mother of their four children--entered Glory on March 3, 2004. After a season of bereavement, Don discovered and fell in love with another Carol--Carol Joyce, whom he wed in July 2005.

Table of Contents

Table of Adventures
A is for Abyss
B is for Bear
C is for Cliff
D is for Demons
E is for Exhaustion
F is for Fugu
G is for Gang
H is for Hitching
I is for Ice
J is for Jerk
K is for Kidnapping
L is for Lost
M is for Mosquito
N is for Nail
O is for Officialdom
P is for Poison
Q is for Quackery
R is for Reckless
S is for Seawater
T is for Tunnel
U is for Underground
V is for Vehicular
W is for Whirlpool
X is for Xenophobia
Y is for Yosemite
Z is for Zealots

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