A Western Gentleman

A Western Gentleman

by Mike Gagnon

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A mysterious stranger happens upon the town of Burlton, Arkansas and is greeted with hostility by local law enforcement, because the community has shut its borders to outsiders, for public safety.

The man is apprehended and embodies some strange contradictions. He dresses as a British aristocrat, talks with a southern accent, exhibits keen gun skills, and outsmarts the local powers-that-be at every turn. He also lives by a code: the code of a gentleman, which he enjoys vehemently teaching to the local townsfolk whenever the need arises.

As the man familiarizes himself with the town, he sees corruption and exploitation in every facet of life there. He sees a stranglehold on the townsfolk coming down from those in power, keeping those below them in place. The mayor, the sheriff, the deputies, the priest, the landlord, the doctor, and the banker all belong to the same family that has insinuated themselves into positions of power and taken control.

Tensions reach a boiling point as the dapper stranger challenges the control of the Behen clan, resulting in his apprehension until the stranger reveals himself to be a U.S. Marshall who didn’t happen on the town by chance. In reality, the peculiar stranger has a bloody connection to the past of the corrupt clan ruling the town.

In spite of his dandy demeanor, the well-groomed stranger may have no other option but to dispense justice to the lecherous leaders of Burlton from the barrel of a six-shooter.

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ISBN-13: 9781988369259
Publisher: My Illuminati Media
Publication date: 11/01/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 122
File size: 272 KB

About the Author

Mike Gagnon is an author living in the Niagara Region of Canada.

He has been a professional writer and comic creator since 2000. He has written, illustrated and edited hundreds of books, articles and graphic novels.

Mike has worked for publishers of all sizes, from Marvel Comics to many small press publishers.

He also enjoys teaching the crafts of writing and illustration to students of all ages with his workshops and seminars, as well as teaching at a prominent animation school in Toronto, Canada.

For more info visit: www.mikegagnon.ca

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