A William Ernest Hocking Reader: with Commentary

A William Ernest Hocking Reader: with Commentary


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Leading Harvard philosophy professor William Ernest Hocking (1873-1966), author of 17 books and in his day second only to John Dewey in the breadth of his thinking, is now largely forgotten, and his once-influential writings are out of print. This volume, which combines a rich selection of Hocking's work with incisive essays by distinguished scholars, seeks to recover Hocking's valuable contributions to philosophical thought.

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ISBN-13: 9780826513694
Publisher: Vanderbilt University Press
Publication date: 07/24/2004
Series: Vanderbilt Library of American Philosophy
Pages: 416
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

D. Micah Hester is assistant professor of biomedical ethics and humanities at the Mercer University School of Medicine. His books include Community As Healing and On James .

John Lachs is Centennial Professor of Philosophy at Vanderbilt University. He is the author of several books, including I n Love with Life , published by Vanderbilt University Press.

Table of Contents



Editors' Introduction

Hocking in His Own Words

1. "What Does Philosophy Say?" from Philosophical Review
2. "Preface to the 1912 Edition" from The Meaning of God in Human Experience
3. "The Fact, Field and Destiny: Inductive Elements of Metaphysics" from Review of Metaphysics
4. "The Self and Nature" from The Self: It's Body and Freedom
5. "Passage Beyond Modernity: The Possible Universality of Solitude" from The Coming World Civilization
6. "The Human Will" from Man and the State
7. A. "The Knowledge of Other Minds" from Meaning of God in Human Experience
B. "Such Knowledge As We Could Desire" from Meaning of God in Human Experience
C. "That Knowledge We Have" from Meaning of God in Human Experience
8. A. "Are Groups Minds Real?" from Man and the State
B. "Will Circuits" from Man and the State
9. "Institutions and Change" from Human Nature and Its Remaking
10. "The Dialectic of Liberalism" from The Lasting Elements of Liberalism
11. "The Future of Liberalism" From Journal of Philosophy
12. "Astronomy, Physics and World Meaning" from Science and the Idea of God
13. "Faith and World Order" from The Church and the New World Mind
14. "Vox Dei" from Human Nature and Its Remaking
15. "The Unifying of History" from The Meaning of God in Human Experience
16. "The Last Fact" from Human Nature and Its Remaking
17. "Confessio Fidei" from Types of Philosophy (first edition)

Hocking as Seen Today
18. W.E. Hocking's "Transfigured Naturalism"
John Howie
19. Passion for Meaning: W.E. Hocking's Religious-Philosophical Views
Bruce Wilshire
20. Hocking's Critique of Modernity: Countering Solipsism and Cultivating Solitude
Vincent Colapietro
21. Solipsism Surmounted: W.E. Hocking's Philosophy of Community
LeRoy S. Rouner
22. Institutions and the Making of Persons: W.E. Hocking's Social Personalism
Tom Buford
23. W.E. Hocking and the Liberal Spirit
Douglas R. Anderson
24. The Defects of Liberalism: Lasting Elements of W.E. Hocking's Philosophy
John Stuhr
25. W.E. Hocking's Insights About the Individual and the State
John E. Smith
26. W.E. Hocking on Marx, Russian Marxism, and the Soviet Union
George L. Kline
27. Metaphysics and World Philosophy: W.E. Hocking on Chinese Philosophy
Robert Cummings Neville

Selected Bibliography of William Ernest Hocking

Index of Selected Names

Index of Selected Subjects

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