A Year of Grace, Volume 2: Collected Sermons Covering the Season of Pentecost/Trinity

A Year of Grace, Volume 2: Collected Sermons Covering the Season of Pentecost/Trinity


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A Year of Grace Vol. 2 is a collection of Bo Giertz's sermons from the second half of the liturgical calendar following the day of Pentecost. He preached the earlier sermons in his ten years as a parish pastor at Torpa, a small rural town in Sweden where he began his pastoral career and wrote such books as The Hammer of God and With My Own Eyes. These early sermons are strongly influenced by the ordo salutis (order of salvation) that he took over from Henric Schartau, yet always with an emphasis on salvation by grace rather than the order. His later sermons were preached as the Bishop of Gothenburg throughout his diocese and as a guest preacher elsewhere. These retain the influence of Henric Schartau in that they seek to directly address the "three hearers"--unbelievers, those awakened to the law, and mature Christians--yet his style takes on more subtlety in when, where and how these hearers are addressed in the context of the sermon. The result is a collection of sermons that provide both great weekly devotions (as the collection was intended) and a program of study for pastors and others wanting to learn how to "rightly handle the word of truth." (2 Tim. 2:15)

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ISBN-13: 9781948969222
Publisher: 1517 Publications
Publication date: 11/11/2019
Series: Year of Grace , #2
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 716,261
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.51(d)

Table of Contents

Translator’s Preface,page vii

Holy Trinity: Matthew 11:25–30, page 1

First Sunday after Trinity: Matthew 3:11–12 page 7

Second Sunday after Trinity: Luke 14:16–24, page 13

Third Sunday after Trinity: Luke 15:1–10, page 19

Fourth Sunday after Trinity: John 8:1–11, page 25

Apostles’ Day: Fifth Sunday after Trinity: Luke 5:1–11, page 33

Sixth Sunday after Trinity: Matthew 5:20–26, page 41

Transfiguration Sunday: Matthew 17:1–8, page 47

Eighth Sunday after Trinity: Matthew 7:15–21, page 51

Ninth Sunday after Trinity: Luke 16:1–8, page 61

Tenth Sunday after Trinity: Matthew 18:15–22, page 67

Eleventh Sunday after Trinity: Luke 18:9–14, page 75

Twelfth Sunday after Trinity: Mark 7:31–37, page 81

Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity: Luke 10:25–37, page 89

Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity: John 17:9–17, page 97

Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity: Luke 10:38–42, page 103

Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity: Mark 5:35–43, page 111

Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity: Luke 12:13–21, page 117

Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity: Mark 10:17–27, page 123

Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity: Mark 12:41–44, page 131

Twentieth Sunday after Trinity: Mark 3:31–35, page 137

Twenty-First Sunday after Trinity: Luke 19:1–10, page 141

Twenty-Second Sunday after Trinity: Matthew 23:34–39, page 147

Twenty-Third Sunday after Trinity: Matthew 18:23–35, page 153

Twenty-Fourth Sunday after Trinity: Matthew 24:1–14, page 159

Sunday before the Last Sunday: Matthew 25:1–13, page 163

Sunday of Judgment: Matthew 25:31–46, page 171

Midsummer: Acts 17:22–31, page 177

Saint John the Baptist Day: Luke 1:5–25, page 183

Saint Michael’s Day: Revelation 12:7–12, page 189

Thanksgiving Day: Luke 19:37–40, page 195

All Saints’ Day: Matthew 5:13–16, page 201

Sunday after All Saints’ Day: Luke 12:4–7, page 207

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