Acting for Film and TV -The Technique-

Acting for Film and TV -The Technique-

by Hugo N Arturi

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Interview with Mr. Arturi talking to young people about "The Content of the Book"

Mr. Arturi: In the book you will learn the technique that I and the great Hollywood actors mentioned in the cover of my book use to create a character for a movie and much, much more.

This technique is used by these actors and approved by the audience.

They explain it in the program "Inside the Actors Studio" on Bravo Channel.

Due to the development of the program, they do it partially and briefly; I describe the technique in detail, in an easy way, and I added many essential elements they don't mentioned.

Experience is not necessary; you just need a low-cost camcorder and the book.

You'll learn the technique from A to Z; it means, starts reading the book is A, and by the end of the training you'll be ready to perform the main character in a professional feature film, that's Z, I assure you. Guaranteed!

When you are training with my system, any time you can watch the actor's interviews and check if what you are learning is what they explain.

My students say that it's entertaining and very easy to learn because there is nothing to study or memorize; you read the explanations and just shoot the scene practice.

Also, I explain an easy way to shoot the scenes practice, like seen in the movies that even a child can do it.

He adds: my system allows the learning of the technique without a teacher, providing the elements for self-control and correction; "the why" and "the how" to do it are explained in the "The John Travolta Test" section.

Q. What they do once they have learned the technique? How do they become professional actors?

A. By then, I explain the ESSENTIAL steps to enter the world of movies and be a successful professional actor; and THE MOST IMPORTANT, how to avoid the setbacks that inexperience could bring to them.

This information save many years to the student that they would have to go through to get this experience and to locate in the world of movies as it happens to all new actors.

Mr. Arturi concludes: The young cannot expect to find stories, anecdotes, opinions, metaphors, scenes, non-relative matters, or useless exercises to "entertain" that are found in many books of the same subject used as "book fillers", and in acting school as "hour-fillers".

If they want or dream of being a Hollywood actor, my book gives all the elements to do it. Guaranteed!

Mr. Arturi's challenge: find in the world an acting school or a published book that gives 25% of the elements and information contained my book.

Q. If you don't want to be a professional actor, Mr. Arturi explains a very interesting idea.

A. Mr. Arturi: the young who doesn't want to be a pro- actor, but would like to learn the technique can use it as the foundation of a game to play with friends, like some of my students do.

A minimum of 3 people is needed to make an acting/filming team, any 2 in front of the camera and one shooting the scene.

According to my students, it's an entertaining, interesting and very funny game to play, that if you include more people, make more fun.

Later the team gets in contact with other groups created in schools and colleges to compete.

This idea is developed with details in the section "My Dream".

He ends by saying: This is the time to learn the true and modern technique of film acting with which, the student saves a lot of money and doesn't waste years in acting schools, workshops or private teacher.

Discard those expensive and obsolete theatrical techniques adapted to movies and learn the one used by the greatest Hollywood actors of all times.

The young have nothing to lose and a lot to win! Try it.

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Publisher: Hugo N Arturi
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About the Author

Hugo N Arturi
Film Director and Movie Actor
College Professor of Acting for Film and TV
Author of the eBook: Acting for Film and TV -The Technique-
Miami, Florida USA

I Teach

• Acting for Film and TV
• Directing Actors for Film and TV
• Acting for Models
• Audition – Monologue

I Coach

• Actors (Individual)
• Models for acting
• Cast of Film & TV
• Film Directors

Citizenships: Argentina – USA Languages: Spanish – English

- My final goal is that my students/actors learn what I teach-
A smile
Hugo N Arturi

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