Admiral Richard E. Byrd's Missing Diary: A Flight To The Land Beyond The North Pole Into The Hollow Earth

Admiral Richard E. Byrd's Missing Diary: A Flight To The Land Beyond The North Pole Into The Hollow Earth

by Geoff Douglas


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In the winter of 1947, Admiral Richard E. Byrd allegedly flew a secret mission across the frozen waters of the arctic. There, he claimed to have seen a previously unknown land with forests and even prehistoric animals. Even more incredible, he encountered flying discs from a technologically advanced civilization hidden deep within the hollow Earth.

This incredible adventure is revealed in Byrd's diary which had been missing for many years. Had it been sealed away by the U.S. government in fear of the haunting message given to Byrd by the inhabitants of the hollow Earth? Or is the truth even more shocking?

We now know that at the time referenced in Byrd's missing diary, he had actually been part of the Navy mission to Antarctica called Operation Highjump. This mission may have been a massive operation to uncover a secret Nazi stronghold hidden away in Antarctica...a stronghold that allegedly had a connection to Hitler's search for the entrance into the hollow Earth.

This is the mystery. What is the secret of Admiral Richard E. Byrd's Missing Diary? Is it government disinformation to hide Byrd's search for the last remnants of the Third Reich? Or is it a warning for the inhabitants of the surface world..."Change your warlike ways before it is too late!"

Admiral Richard E. Byrd's Missing Diary is a shocking revelation of the mystery of the Hollow Earth and the possible secret origin of UFOs, which was called "The Greatest Secret Since the Manhattan Project!"

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