Adventures In Religion: Radio Sermons by John Graham Lake

Adventures In Religion: Radio Sermons by John Graham Lake


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Adventures In Religion is the title of the radio program that John Graham Lake began in July, 1935. According to an interview with his eldest son, Jack, that radio station was among the first, if not the first radio stations in the Inland Empire of the Spokane Valley of Eastern Washington State. Lake was a progressive thinker and decided to use the new media of radio to preach the Kingdom of God and boast of the wonders of the Lord Jesus Christ. It seems that the overall theme of his program plan was to tell of the miracle working power of the gospel of the Kingdom of heaven in his age. It proved to be among that last public messages of his ministry, just prior to his death in September of 1935. This book speaks through nearly a century of the growth of the body of Christ and is still a great encouragement today. His teachings are timeless and his faith in the miracle power of Jesus Christ is infectious. These radio sermonettes are sure to excite your soul.

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ISBN-13: 9781542718714
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/02/2017
Pages: 130
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About the Author

John Graham Lake was a miracle ministry revivalist of the early 20th Century. He was first trained in the ministry of miracles by John Alexander Dowie. He then took a team of about 125 men & women from the USA & Canada to South Africa where the miracles shook all of southern Africa and the world eventually heard of that South African revival. He returned to the USA in 1913 and began the "Healing Rooms Ministry" in Spokane Washington. There, over 100,000 people were miraculously healed through the power of prayer in just 5 short years. Because Lake always had a court stenographer with him in his meetings, we have many of his messages in writing today.
Lake started a radio program in Spokane in 1935 just weeks before he died of a cerebral hemorrhage in September, 1935.
His memory will last for many more generations with messages that are timeless.

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