Afterlight: First Light - Half Light - New Light

Afterlight: First Light - Half Light - New Light

by Alice VL


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He was not ready to lose her in either worlds, so he tricked the stars and conspired against the Universe.He loved her in life - he swept her into a portal and loved her in death, and then he sent her back to her world as he continued to linger in his - between life and between death.They told her it was all in her mind. They said that her memories were never real.The locked her away until he found a way back, through his best friend.Every once in a while, you are wonderfully sure that a portal opens between the life you find yourselff trapped in, and his, the next. You hear a song on the radio play more frequently than usual, and you smell his cologne in the strangest of places, at the oddest of times. You abruptly awaken in the middle of the night, positive that you felt his hand clutch your, as he delicately whispered your name.You know it's him, you know his voice, and you remember his touch. You remember how his hand used to feel in yours. You searche for him in a crowd when you feel him brush past you, and you close your eyes to linger in the breath-taking familiarity of what was once him. You unintentionally check your watch at exactly the same time each day, and when you recognize the pattern, you begin to understand that he is close.You are flung into an unresponsive haze as you cling to him once more, and you remember it all. You pine for him, and now you are reasonably certain that he misses you too. Your sorrow is still only love; unspent love that has nowhere to go anymore, so when your world creates a portal for him to come back through to you, your love finally escapes from the corner of your eyes. You begin to whisper when you really want to shout. You wholeheartedly welcome and embrace the opening, when you should surely walk away from it. You become quiet when you stop your shuddering voice from speaking, and you just feel. For a while, you can't move forward, and linger in the opening of the portal with him, just one more time. They are the days that matter. They are the days that keep your heart from dying. They are the days that allow you to breathe for just a little while longer.You no longer need people. All you want is him, and the beauty of his love for her. You hunt his strength because you no longer feel much of anything else, other than intense hankering and excruciating anguish. You pass your days waiting for the portal to open once more, so that you can dance and splash around in the puddles of one another's hearts again. Without the portal, the world you are stuck in, is simply a life you need to get away from. You can't hear much of anything, and there is barely space for you to breathe while you drown in the silence.You ramble around purposelessly through this life, waiting and begging for a miracle to release all the caged love in your heart, so that you can see the beauty in your world, and not crave the healing in the next. You want your second chance. You want someone in your world, to touch you again. You want to forget, but only until, that portal opens again.She will never say goodbye to him. She will never let him go. But, if you stumble across her, just love her when the portal closes again.

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ISBN-13: 9781983138898
Publisher: Independently published
Publication date: 06/11/2018
Pages: 468
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.04(d)

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