Against the Grain

Against the Grain

by Bad ReligionBad Religion

CD(Remastered / Reissue)

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The third in a flurry of releases that followed Bad Religion's 1988 reunion, Against the Grain found the band's edge honed sharper than it had been in years. Epitaph's 2004 remaster respects this. Increased clarity between mouthpiece Greg Graffin, guitarists Brett Gurewitz and Greg Hetson, and the rhythm section of Jay Bentley and Pete Finestone increases the inherent melodic tension and amplifies Graffin's righteous lyrical anger. "My path renewed/Against the grain/That's where I'll stay" -- for many, Graffin's resolve over Grain's martial pace was a restatement of purpose, a refueling of belief in the punk and hardcore ethos as a new decade dawned. "21st Century (Digital Boy)" was a throaty, gritty, gang-vocal anthem that name-checked No Control and bitterly dismantled middle-class complacency in the technology era. One of Graffin/Gurewitz's pet themes, it also guided cuts like the rapid-fire opener, "Modern Man" ("I'm a cyborg just like you"), and the acerbic anti-greed rant "Quality or Quantity." Bad Religion had always warned against the excesses of the future and the assimilation of individuality. But the gospel cut deeper with Against the Grain. Songs began in an instant, with the single crack of a snare drum signaling the beginning of another screed. The guitars came in, twining between fiery leads and urgent, sometimes hyper chording -- the album seemed like a signal fire to the lost tribes of hardcore. Its best moment might be "Turn On the Light." As a thick, trademark Bad Religion melody rips in the background, Graffin spits out lyrics that define ideology with literate pacing, even as they ignite the genre's base emotions. "I'll construct a rack of tempered beams and trusses and equip it with a million tiny suns," Graffin sings. ."..and I'll burn like a Roman f*cking candle."

Product Details

Release Date: 04/06/2004
Label: Epitaph
UPC: 0045778670321
catalogNumber: 86703
Rank: 16372


  1. Modern Man
  2. Turn on the Light
  3. Get Off
  4. Blenderhead
  5. The Positive Aspect of Negative Thinking
  6. Anesthesia
  7. Flat Earth Society
  8. Faith Alone
  9. Entropy
  10. Against the Grain
  11. Operation Rescue
  12. God Song
  13. 21st Century (Digital Boy)
  14. Misery and Famine
  15. Unacceptable
  16. Quality or Quantity
  17. Walk Away

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Bad Religion   Primary Artist
Jay Bentley   Bass,Rhythm Bass,Group Member
Brett Gurewitz   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Horn
Pete Finestone   Percussion,Rhythm Percussion,Group Member
Greg Graffin   Harmonica,Vocals,Voices,Vocal Harmony,Group Member
Greg Hetson   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Group Member
Keith Morris   Background Vocals
Mister Brett   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Horn,Group Member

Technical Credits

Bad Religion   Producer
Jay Bentley   Sound Effects
Brett Gurewitz   Sound Effects
Greg Graffin   Sound Effects
Legendary Starbolt   Engineer
Joy Aoki   Artwork,Art Direction,Illustrations

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