Against The Metaphysics: Philosophy_Decart_Derrida_Foco_Socratos_Platlon_Acoinas_Anselm_Alexander Koire_Metaphysics_Id

Against The Metaphysics: Philosophy_Decart_Derrida_Foco_Socratos_Platlon_Acoinas_Anselm_Alexander Koire_Metaphysics_Id

by Nader Khalili


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Tow Philosophical book in one. written in Persian(Farsi) language. this book is describing the faces of Metaphysics like Idealism with all branches like Religions, Rationalism, Platoon, Rene Descartes and all other philosophers in group of Rationalism like Alexander Koere, Kant,Socrates, Kierkegaard,Wilhelm Leibniz etc... and their philosophy systems. Writer strongly believe that, the Metaphysics in different ways act against Humanity and all existence, so this book is telling the reader what is Metaphysics and why it's updating itself every minutes against Human in whole of lands and even why it is against Existence?
Descartes, Alexander Koyré and Wilhelm Leibniz are just 3 Philosophers in Rationalism group. But it's clear why Alexanders book is translated to Persian with more than 3000 copies in first edition in Iran! and in the same time the religious leader of Iran ordering to take the Philosophy out of Universities!
This book can not be publish in Iran as the complete text is describing how and why freedom in Iran has no meaning and thinkers are being executing and terrorizing every day by hand of Metaphysics in this country.
in this book we have complete reasons of Idealism with whole of its parts and Religions about existing of God and also philosophical reasons for non existence of God or Gods!
possibility of the second Big Bang is one new theory and also another new theory in this book is reasons for that Mind is Material and why whole of Universe is Material and opposite of understanding of Lawrence M. Krauss, Universe came from something ( Material) not Nothing! and this is the exact subject of Sartre Philosopher too.

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ISBN-13: 9789188189028
Publisher: Alfabet Maxima /Shamlo kulturhus
Publication date: 07/15/2015
Pages: 316
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.82(d)

About the Author

Nader Khalili , originally Kurdish and he is British citizen.He wrote 3 other books in Persian language. The first one called "Gelayeha" (Poetry_Art) was published in Germany 2001_ a cultural Novel 2006 London and also a philosophical book called: "Wise thinker of blind Owl story" Sweden 2011.
He has many other Article written in Philosophy subject in the internet sites in both Persian and Kurdish languages. Nader is the teacher of Philosophy and running the great group of interested people in the same subject. He was political activist in Kurdistan, he felt in the political prison and being tortured for months. He leaves in exile but still fighting for freedom of Humanity and defending of nature.

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