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by Viqi Wagner


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For over 25 years, the Greenhaven Press Opposing Viewpoints Series has developed and set the standard for current-issue studies. With more than 90 volumes covering nearly every controversial contemporary topic, Opposing Viewpoints is the leading source for libraries and classrooms in need of current-issue materials. Each title explores a specific issue by placing expert opinions in a unique pro/con format. The viewpoints are selected from a wide range of highly respected and often hard-to-find sources and publications. By choosing from such diverse sources and including both popular and unpopular views, the Opposing Viewpoints editorial team has adhered to its commitment to editorial objectivity. Readers are exposed to many sides of a debate, which promotes issue awareness as well as critical thinking. In short, Opposing Viewpoints is the best research and learning tool for exploring the issues that continually shape and define our turbulent and changing world.

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ISBN-13: 9780737737318
Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing
Publication date: 11/16/2007
Series: Opposing Viewpoints Series
Pages: 253
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range: 15 - 17 Years

Table of Contents

Why Consider Opposing Viewpoints?     11
Introduction     14
What Is the Status of the Global AIDS Epidemic?
Chapter Preface     19
The Global AIDS Epidemic Is a Growing Threat$dJoint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS and World Health Organization     22
The Global AIDS Epidemic Is Exaggerated   James P. Hogan     32
AIDS Is Devastating Africa   Robert Hecht, et al.     42
The Prevalence of AIDS in Africa Is Overstated   Craig Timberg     51
AIDS Is a Crisis in Black America   Claudia Kalb   Andrew Murr     59
China Must Face the Possibility of an Explosive AIDS Epidemic   Richard Burger     68
China Is Confronting HIV/AIDS   Sabin Russell     74
Periodical Bibliography     82
What Causes AIDS?
Chapter Preface     84
HIV Causes AIDS   Rob Noble     86
HIV Does Not Cause AIDS   Christine Maggiore     95
HIV Spread to Humans Through the Cameroon Bushmeat Trade   Mary Carmichael     102
HIV Spread to Humans Through African Oral Polio Vaccines   Edward Hooper     109
HIV Is a Man-Made Product of Genetic Engineering and Medical Research   Alan Cantwell     116
HIV Is Primarily Transmitted Through Heterosexual Intercourse   Nancy Padian     123
Heterosexual Transmission of HIV Is Negligible   Michael Fumento     127
Periodical Bibliography     133
How Can the Spread of AIDS Be Controlled?
Chapter Preface     135
An AIDS Vaccine Would Significantly Slow the Spread of AIDS$dInternational AIDS Vaccine Initiative     137
Prospects for an AIDS Vaccine Are Dim   Richard Norton     144
Widespread Routine HIV Testing Is Needed to Control the Spread of AIDS   Bernard M. Branson, et al.     151
HIV Testing Alone Is Ineffective and Violates Individual Rights$dCommunity HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project     159
Abstinence-Based AIDS Prevention Programs Effectively Stem the Spread of AIDS$dU.S. Agency for International Development     166
Abstinence-Based AIDS Prevention Programs Fail to Halt the Global Epidemic   Jonathan Cohen   Tony Tate     174
The Catholic Church Should Endorse Condom Use to Reduce HIV Infection   James Carroll     181
The Catholic Church Must Oppose Condom Use for HIV/AIDS Prevention   Alfonso Cardinal Lopez Trujillo     186
Periodical Bibliography     191
How Should AIDS Be Treated?
Chapter Preface     193
AIDS Drug Treatments Are Deadly   Celia Farber     195
The Benefits of AIDS Drug Treatments Far Outweigh the Risks   Bob Funkhouser     202
HIV Drug Resistance Is a Growing Concern$     208
Alternative Nutritional AIDS Treatments Are Safe and Effective   Matthias Rath   Aleksandra Niedzwiecki     215
Alternative Nutritional AIDS Treatments Are Deadly Quackery   Ian Hodgson     222
Treating Tuberculosis Is Critical in AIDS Interventions$dOffice of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator     229
Periodical Bibliography     235
For Further Discussion     236
Organizations to Contact     238
Bibliography of Books     244
Index     247

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