by Carlinhos Brown


After founding the groundbreaking percussive pop group Timbalada and doing several star turns on the albums of other Brazilian performers, Carlinhos Brown came up with this, his dazzling first solo outing. Brown has evoked comparisons to Prince with his quirky sense of humor and style. While not taking himself as seriously as the Artist, he certainly shows himself to be a kindred spirit -- making music that is remarkably creative but still imminently crowd-pleasing. Although Timbalada turned the drum corps sound of Bahia's carnival into pop, Brown proved on ALPHAGAMABETIZADO his facility with tender, pretty songs as well. Several muscular, upbeat tunes recall the exuberant Timbalada, but this album's vision is much more broad. "Seo Ze" explores Latin clave, with Marisa Monte contributing sultry, wordless vocals; "A Namorada" could be an infectious Earth, Wind & Fire funk hit. Heavily influenced by American soul music, Brown even mixes some English with his playful Portuguese lyrics. Several tunes simply defy categorization - Brown is a genius at orchestrating rhythms, and his percussive songs can pound down at gale force or float by like a mist of ocean spray.

Product Details

Release Date: 05/06/1997
Label: Blue Note Records
UPC: 0724383826926
catalogNumber: 38269

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Carlinhos Brown   Primary Artist,Multi Instruments
Wally Badarou   Vocals,Background Vocals,Multi Instruments
Maria Bethânia   Vocals
Gal Costa   Vocals
Caetano Veloso   Vocals
Zaza   Percussion
Junior   Sampling,Timbaleiro
Gilberto Gil   Vocals
Marisa Monte   Vocals
Walter Wanderley   Tambourine
David   Percussion
Gabriel   Multi Instruments
Toy   Multi Instruments
Renato   Percussion
Bam Bam   Percussion
Mingo Araujo   Tambourine
Kouider Berkane   Violin
Claudio   Percussion
Hugo   Multi Instruments
Jo   Sampling,Timbaleiro
Lele   Vocals
Ron Mezza   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Maika Munan   Electric Guitar
Joatan Nascimento   Multi Instruments
Nené   Multi Instruments
Mokhtar Samba   Drums
Serginho   Percussion
Sidney   Sampling,Timbaleiro
Marcos Suzano   Tambourine
Tico   Sampling,Timbaleiro
Tom   Sampling,Timbaleiro
Trambique   Cuica
Serginho Trombone   Trombone
Deco   Sampling,Timbaleiro
Arthur Maia   Bass
Dito   Percussion
Paulo Ricardo   Multi Instruments
Bum   Percussion
Beto   Percussion
Jackson   Sampling,Timbaleiro
Moreno Veloso   Vocals
Jose Carlos Ramos   Drums,electronics
Alfredo Moura   Piano,Keyboards
Gustavo Di Dalva   Multi Instruments
Zaak Alcouffe   Trombone
Jorge Amorim   Vocals
Vincent Segal   Cello
Rowney Scott   Tenor Saxophone
Pascoal Perrotta   Tambourine
Jorginho Gomes   Drums
Pedro Sá   Vocals
Agnaldo André   Percussion
Angeline Annonier   Vocals
André Barbosa   Percussion
Alexandre Desphat   Flute
Alexandra Theodoropoulou   Vocals
Mingo Auaújo   Tambourine
Marcos   Percussion
Rogerio   Multi Instruments
Márcio Victor   Multi Instruments
Luiz Carlos   Percussion
Vivaldo   Tambourine
Nelson Damas   Tambourine
Ney Pedro   Tambourine
Xexéu   Sampling,Timbaleiro
Zezéu   Multi Instruments
Hamilton   Percussion
Lazão   Percussion
Dois Metros   Sampling,Timbaleiro
Zao   Multi Instruments

Technical Credits

Wally Badarou   Producer
Marlene   Contributor
Déjà   Contributor
Sonia   Contributor
Arto Lindsay   Producer
Carlinhos Brown   Arranger
Patrick Dillett   Engineer
Julie   Contributor
Klaus   Arranger
Maria   Contributor
Brian Tench   Arranger,Engineer
Tita   Contributor
Pierre-Antoine Watteau   Engineer
Celeste   Contributor
Afonso Machado   Contributor
DeDe   Contributor
Rowney Scott   Horn Arrangements
Pascoal Perrotta   Arranger
Gringo Cardia   Graphic Design
Mada   Contributor
Xuca   Contributor
Zinha   Contributor
Martinha   Contributor
Leonardo Eyer   Artwork
Bernard Von Der Weid   Contributor
Carmen   Contributor
Ziza   Contributor

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