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The American History Cookbook

The American History Cookbook

by Mark H. Zanger
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This book uses historical commentary and recipes to trace the history of American cooking from the first European contact with Native Americans to the 1970s. Each of 50 chronologically arranged topical chapters contain 500-1,000 words of general commentary followed by descriptions and clear, step-by-step instructions for 3-4 recipes. The recipes are drawn from a wide variety of historical cookbooks and other historical sources.

The topics cover broad periods (e.g., Settlers and Indians, Early American Spring Meals, Health Food in Victorian America); particular events (e.g., Civil War South, The Great Depression); and particular trends or movements (e.g., Railroad Food, School Lunch, The Labor Movement). Also presented are engaging special topics such as Patriotic Cakes, Abolitionist Recipes, Communal Experiments, and Modern Health Food. The book is indexed by year of publication of recipes, states, and broad subjects.

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ISBN-13: 9781573563765
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/30/2003
Series: Cookbooks for Students Series
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 488
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About the Author

Mark H. Zanger is a veteran Boston journalist and 20-year restaurant critic for the Boston Phoenix, under the name Robert Nadeau. He is the author of The American Ethnic Cookbook for Students (2001).

Table of Contents



First Nations and Early Settlers (1200-1674)

Early Colonial Dishes (1524-1674)

The Twenty-One Colonies (1710s-1790s)

The American Revolution (1776-1784)

Patriotic Cakes (1795-1860)

Early American Meals—Spring (1792-1852)

Early American Meals—Summer (1800s-1856)

Early American Meals—Fall (1803-1855)

Early American Meals—Winter (1780s-1866)

The World of Masters and Slaves (1800-1862)

Origins and Early Recipes of Popular Foods (1802-1876)

Pioneers (1803-1850s)

Early American Health Food (1827-1857)

Abolitionist Recipes (1827-ca. 1910)

The First American Celebrities (1827-1877)

The Age of Jackson (1820s-1852)

Cooking for Children (1837-1861)

Temperance and Prohibition Recipes (1837-1930)

American Steak and Potatoes (1841-1896)

Communal Experiments (1842-1975)

Eating on American Ships (1854-1910)

Camping Out (1856-1886)

Irish Immigration (1859-1877)

Civil War—North (1860-1865)

Civil War—South (1860s-1872)

Political and Topical Cakes and Cookies (1865-1899)

Military Outposts during the Indian Wars (1870s-1884)

Settlers and Homesteaders (1873-1911)

Late Victorian Health Food (1875-1904)

Colonial Revival (1876-1896)

Cooking by Kids (1877-1921)

Women's Suffrage (1878-1927)

National Unity versus Diversity (1878-1902)

Origins and Early Recipes of Popular Foods (1880-1936)

Trains, Cars, and Trailers (1882-1939)

Labor versus Capital (1892-1983)

The Women's Exchange Movement (1895-1972)

Camping in the 20th Century (1906-1963)

School Lunch (1912-1960s)

World War I (1916-1919)

Health Food in the 20th Century (1912-1973)

Cities and City Politics (1922-1931)

Recent Cooking by Kids (1922-1957)

Radio Recipes (1928-1936)

The Great Depression (1930-1940)

World War II (1941-1945)

The Cold War (1948-1973)

The Civil Rights Movement and Its Opponents (1950s-1970)

The Vietnam War and Its Opponents (1962-1975)

The 1970s (1971-1975)

Chronological Index

Index by States

Subject and Recipe Index

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The American History Cookbook 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
TheKitchenTourist on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I checked this book out because I was interested in the first chapter, which includes several very detailed descriptions and recipes for the types of food Native Americans were preparing when the first Europeans arrived. Unlike many of the other cookbooks I looked at, this relies heavily on written records rather than oral tradition or current practices. The quotes from early journals and other eyewitness accounts make it clear that those are not great sources for anyone interested in preparing such food themselves, so he also consulted local cookbooks and other Native Cookbooks to try to get back to the most basic preparations and ingredients that would have been historically accurate. Many of the preparations are so accurate they're likely to be intimidating to a contemporary home cook, but he does include some updated substitutions. I tried a recipe that he noted doesn't always work and I didn't have much luck with it, but at least the instructions noted the possible result (corn-bean bread, boiled from a mash of hominy and canned beans - mine was probably still too wet, since it dissolved quickly).
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is it! The definitive work, the only cookbook with 350 recipes from all parts of American history, exactly as they were written down from 1524 to 1977, and with modern directions so you can cook and taste along with participants in American history. Some culinary historians know history, some know food, most make things up. I read them all, and hundreds of original sources, with due respect to the real American culinary historians (see below), and so you can buy a book with 350 recipes from all parts of American history, organized by themes and periods. Because the book is part of a series intended for high school libraries, the recipes have no alcohol or caffeine. But adults will find this a readable and enjoyable cookbook, like my previous American Ethnic Cookbook for Students (also sold here), the only cookbook with 2-6 verbatim recipes from each of 122 American ethnic groups and Indian nations.