An American Fable

An American Fable

by Fred Jay Gordon

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Ambition. Luck. Murder. New York in 1950’s. Aris Bellerophon claims a gypsy said he’d be famous at 25. Brim Oscar Birmingham, a huge radio personality who’s overweight and childless, arranges a screen test for Aris who's so joltingly watchable he's rushed into a cowboy movie with his horse, Pegasus. Brim manipulates the press and Aris becomes an overnight sensation. Each one wins, almost.

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ISBN-13: 9781105515088
Publication date: 02/02/2012
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 492 KB

About the Author

FRED JAY GORDON was born in the Bronx and lives in New York. He owned Pegasus, a red, 17-hand high ex-race horse he rode bareback and taught to jump five foot high fences. When Gordon was 16, he wrote and recorded a pop song, "Bye, Bye, She Cried," which was bought by Atlantic Records. He's swept warehouse floors and worked the delivery trucks for the Budweiser beer factory in Newark, NJ. He has a degree in English from UC Berkeley and received a scholarship from Columbia University in Film. At NBC Studios in New York, he worked as a Tour Guide and, on Broadway, he helped cast and raise money for two smash hit musicals and then worked as a salad boy and a waiter. His plays have been produced in NY, LA, Baltimore, etc, he's a member of the Ensemble Studio Theater, he's taught playwriting and English Literature as well as horse-back riding, appeared as a contestant on various tv game shows to pay the rent, worked the streets of Brooklyn as a city social worker, and done the graveyard shift in the Tombs in the prisons of downtown NYC. He’s a PEN Award winner and was a resident writer at the Edward Albee Foundation in Montauk, NY. He has written, AN AMERICAN FABLE, about the American dream of overnight success, and his newest book is the thriller, BLOOD NEVER DRIES.


from Library Journal: "One hopes BENJAMIN won't be dismissed as just another offbeat experimental novel. It is an exciting book!"

from Publishers Weekly: "...Benjamin's personal story is wild, with an extraordinary made-up language and a pun-on-pun series of sentences... The novel builds to a strong, dramatic climax and the effect is chilling."

from The Christian Science Monitor: "Like a child of Zeus sprung full grown from the head of their creator ... this novel has not received the attention it deserves... The novel is operating simultaneously on three planes and finally on a fourth. Benjamin as a character is oddly captivating ... virtuosic ... exacting descriptions of Benjamin's room, physical sensations, and emotions are like a zoom lens bringing one in intensely close to him. Benjamin says of his Mysteries: 'Words are only a small portion of my life... They are weak technicalities which fail... Words are only words. And besides, I lie a lot.'

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